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Josh’s Deli

Josh’s Deli

This week we Hungry Posters set our sights on Josh’s Deli. Josh’s Deli has received a lot of hype since it opened just 9 months ago. In that short span of time it managed to garner a cultish following along with a pretty daunting reputation to maintain. All reviews discounted, we headed in with open minds. Upon arrival, I couldn’t help but notice the run of the mill industrial-style décor that has recently been ravaging Miami beer gardens and Midtown restaurants alike. However, I was comforted to see photos of a few smiling faces from some comic titans along with their respective forged well wishes to Josh on his new deli hanging along the side wall. Sitting across from George Carlin, I took a look at the menu and was surprised to find that this Jewish Deli does not shy away from our mammal brother, the pig. They have everything from Challah French Toast to roasted pork or Tongue sandwiches.

We went for the following:

Poutine (great word): a take on the infamous Quebec dish

“Jewban” sandwich with pastrami, roast pork, pickles and Swiss on CUBAN Bread and the Turkey and Pastrami sandwich.

Next time we will be saving room for the award winning Matzo ball soup and the Trickey Rickey with turkey, duck prosciutto, brie cheese, onions and spinach on a hoagie.

Oh and one last thing before we run off don’t take Woody’s words on the wall seriously – this place and its food is the opposite of terrible.

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