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#RedRedVibes is on! Join us tonight at 6PM for an extended happy hour, good food, and local beats, all the way through midnight @madeinitalygourmet ||TAG that friend you know is ready for the weekend||Great times @veritagemiami Craft Beer Tasting ||Our second stop of the night was Mahou beer|| we know how this is going to endNext week all our Italian Hungries will be able to order pasta dishes @madeinitalygourmet || perfectly al dente with a homemade amatriciana sauce || dont forget to stop by on Friday for a drink or two or three || extended happy hour until midnight #RedRedVibes
Its #HappyHour time || also the perfect week to splurge on these bad boys || For #NationalBurgerWeek we inhaled the “FRENCHIE” SLIDERS | Rillion, Morbier Cheese, Caramelized Onions @dbbistromiami || dont miss out on charcuterie night on Mondays || info in bio link ☝️Today is going to be a good day. Rolling out our last #Hungry4Veritage behind the scenes of what you will be able to sip & taste at the #CraftBeerTasting for @VeritageMiami || @JackieSayet of @mgfd_mia sat down with us to explain the idea behind Michael’s Genuine Home Brew while @chefniven talked food. 
@chefmschwartz established the home brew beer partnering up with Gadsden, Alabama’s Back Forty Beer Co. in 2012 || the beer is made with 40% milled brown rice – “Sem-Chi” or Seminole, which adds more to the flavor profile of the beer vs. if you were using white rice.  They brew two different kinds of hops. “It’s not gluten free but it is gluten reduced.  Its unique, light and approachable, a total food beer. It pretty much goes with everything on our menu.” || Featured dish is the puffed rice salad with veggies || using the same rice to make the beer Chef Niven also used a lot of local farm ingredients in the dish. He used fresh chives, parsley, basil, shaved raw beets, radishes, turnips, carrots mixed with a tomato harissa paste (a Moroccan & north African paste that has cumin, coriander & chili in it). Chef says, “it’s a little spicy and when you mix it all together it gives it heat making you drink more beer.” || A win-win situation if you ask us || The best part is the rice that Chef took, dried and fried it to get a crispy rice texture on top. 
Dig their beer? Pick it up at @wholefoods, #totalwine & aboard on @RoyalCaribbean’s Quantum Class ShipsGet your #RedRedVibes on this Friday April 17th @MadeinItalyGourmet || Celebrate the arrival of the weekend with an extended and long overdue happy hour affair. Special happy hour prices start at 6pm and go all the way through midnight. Grub on free Italian hors d’oeuvre and a full menu of Italian specialties, including: piadines (traditional Italian flat breads), salads, cheeses, charcuterie boards and sandwiches || tag those friends that you know will need drink when the clock hits 6pm! 🍷🍺🍷🍺


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Vegan-friendly Venues

Vegan-friendly Venues

Vegan-friendly Venues


To all our vegan hungries, this edition is dedicated to you.

If you are vegan (VEE-gun), or just want to eat a veggie filled dish as to be a bit more on the nutritious side, this edition is just the right thing for you. Veganism excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and animal-derived ingredients. We have created a list of famous vegan-friendly venues and the dishes, which you might want to try.


Pizza Fusion – Pizza

If you want to get your dose of pizza try the Very Vegan pizza offered at Pizza Fusion located at the shops at fifth and Alton. This pizza is topped with crimini mushrooms, roasted garlic, tomato sauce and soy cheese. The soy cheese can be added to any other pizza as a substitute of the original cheese topping, mozzarella cheese. The sauce and dough for all the pizzas is vegan. Pizza fusion is also environmentally conscious using organic ingredients, earth-friendly packaging and utensils and hybrid delivery vehicles. Don’t forget the vegan brownies!


The Yard House- Veggie wings, veggie beef sliders and more…


Though many people may not think so, The Yard House offers many vegan items. A handful of their most popular entrees can be made with Gardein fake meats. They offer veggie boneless wings, veggie chicken, veggie beef sliders, a veggie chicken rice bowl and many more.


Beehive Juice Bar –Vegan dishes, they vary by day.


This juice bar offers everything from baked tofu, kale slaw, vegan desserts and many other vegan-friendly dishes. Dishes change by day and you can find out what they have on their facebook page.


Green Gables Café-Wraps, salad and green vegan soups.


You can try their vegan burger that is made up of avocado, tomato & miso dressing on a multigrain bun, with a side of sweet potato home fries. You could also try their soups that are made daily and they are always dairy-free and gluten-free.


Hillstone-Burgers, salads

Try the veggie burger, made with a soy glaze and melted jack. You can cut the cheese out if you are strict vegan.


Hope this list helps you hungries out in the quest for delicious vegan dishes in the MIA.


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