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Counter Dreams of Sushi…Balls

Counter Dreams of Sushi…Balls

It’s nice to know that dreamers are still out there. This week we sat down and chatted with humble and charismatic Alex Perroni to hear how Temaris made it to America.

Alex moved from Venezuela to Miami less than three years ago with nothing but dreams in his pockets. With no family, no English, sleeping on the sofa of a friend of friend’s friend and 25 cent spaghetti to fill him up for the whole day, he began his journey, on foot, to find a job.

He learned to speak English through magazines, books and music (anything from Marilyn Manson to Frank Sinatra). However, he did tell us that the best way he learned English was on the street, by telling people that he was from the Middle East and didn’t understand Spanish.

Alex worked long hours every day from the moment he arrived to Miami. He started off as a dishwasher and worked his way up the restaurant ladder.


Four months ago he was working at Mr. Yum.

Now he has his own sushi joint.

“My friend told me I was like a little entrepreneur. I didn’t even know what that was.”

Well for opening up your own restaurant at the age of 23 we’ll definitely call you an entrepreneur, in fact we’ll dub thee A BADASS ENTREPRENEUR.


The Idea

The idea came to him on a casual stroll. He started noticing how ladies ate sushi. Whether it was by using a fork and a knife to cut the roll in half or by chop sticking and picking up the inside to make it fit their mouths, it seemed too messy.

He did research on the history of sushi back in the 60’s. In Japan, people grabbed some rice threw it in their pockets, and when they got hungry they would take out the rice (from what we hope was at least in a plastic bag) make a ball out of the rice and slap on some raw tuna. Voila, temaris was born!

He made it his own project and began making sushi balls at home. And as his friends and their friends enjoyed his creations he felt that this was the “way to eat sushi”.

Alex did his homework and realized that there wasn’t a place in the US that focused solely on temaris.

“Sure, if you go to a sushi bar and ask for temaris they can have it made to order, but it will take forever, you need the right mold from Japan to makes 10 temaris balls a time.”

Alex saved up his greens, bought a ticket to Japan, and the balls just started to roll out from that point.

The Look and Menu
























































Alex described Temaris as “fancy food mixed in a blender with a casual ambiance”.

Here is how it works:

Walk in, order at the counter, sit down, and wait briefly for your food to arrive.

Temaris menu is simple, just like Alex. Everything is served on eco-friendly plates.

His temaris, sushis, and tartars have a Peruvian and Japanese flare to them and Alex says he will put his hands on fire and say the food is good. The rice that he uses comes from Japan so you can just imagine the incredible texture.


We recommend the following:






-Tokyo Temaris with salsa huancaína zigged zagged on top





-Ceviche temaris







-Bagel temaris with homemade mango paste








-Homemade passion fruit sake

The Brand























































Alex explained to us that Temaris is only 10% of what he wants to accomplish. Apart from establishing a restaurant, he hopes to be part of the fashion and art world. He hopes to take his brand far, “Temaris is going to be everywhere even on underwear.”

Temaris will also donate $1 dollar to cancer patients for every follower on Twitter.








































































































































































































The Future

For his short term plans, Alex will soon be serving a Japanese/Peruvian themed brunch with SAKEMOSAS (made with sparkling sake and OJ) and eggs benedicts with a twist.

More locations are to come, he says, “maybe in five years I will be broke or maybe you will see Temaris in every city.”

Alex is optimistic for the future of Temaris, “What can go wrong? The only way this company will fail is if we are stupid.”

Lesson of the day: never forget where you come from, pay it forward, and be humble.

Oh and, “don’t go to sleep without a dream because the day you stop dreaming your life ends.”








































1250 South Miami Avenue

Miami, FL 33130


Temaris on Urbanspoon

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