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You know those people that are just not good at ordering their own food?

No matter how hard they try, they always seem to ask for the wrong thing on the menu; which in turn, ruins YOUR meal experience, as their fork wanders over to your plate because in their opinion, what you chose was so much better than what was looking straight at them.

Well Hungries, here is your solution…

SuViche is one of those places where you really can’t go wrong. The portions and the number of options are just right.

It’s neither an overwhelming food bible nor a haiku style menu and the quality of the food is up to par.

Oh and it’s not a bad sign, when owner Aliosha Stern, his brother Andrei and general manager Ryan eat at SuViche all day, every day. Aliosha says, “the good thing about the menu is that you have a lot to choose from.”

It’s a mix of hard work, simplicity and exceptional flavors that has established SuViche as a keeper and one of those you won’t be getting sick of any time soon.

Here is how they turned a business idea into what we consider the pearly gates of ceviche and sushi.

Originally, Aliosha opened his Brickell doors in 2010. He was finishing college and wanted to start his own business. The idea came to him because he lived in Brickell and would always go to the same places. He mentioned that the options were limited back in 2010. It was either Italian food or sandwiches, “there was nothing really different.” 

He believed that offering the people of Miami sushi and ceviche was the best way to go since Peruvian and Japanese cuisines were growing the most. He explained to us that, “the combination of both was easy, operationally and for the customer. We are not completely Peruvian or Japanese cuisine. People sometimes ask, ‘Where is my edamame?’ I have to tell them, ‘I’m sorry, we don’t have edamame.’ But, it’s really simple. Sushi, ceviche and a couple of Peruvian dishes, that’s the concept.”

We know it will only go uphill for them. It must be in their cards…


THP: Originally from Mexico, with Brazilian blood from their mom’s side, we were curious to know why Peruvian?

Aliosha: So, the Executive Chef is Peruvian. His name is Jaime Pesaque. He is really good and he has a restaurant in Peru that he licensed in Hong Kong, this year. 

THP: What is the most popular dish?

Andrei: Number wise, is the Lomo Saltado. We sell about 200 a week. In the ceviche category, it’s the Ceviche SuViche and in the sushi, it’s the Perfection Roll.

THP: What’s the best part about having your own restaurant?

Aliosha: I think the best part about having your own restaurant is having your own business. I like creating and innovating things.

Ryan: The sense of accomplishment, knowing that any decisions that we make or any steps we take between the three of us are going to directly affect that evening and the next morning. It’s looking back and knowing what we have accomplished, how far we have come, how different everything is, just because of the effort we put in. It’s incredibly fulfilling, I can’t even verbalize it. It feels great at the end of the day.

THP: What about the worst part about having your own restaurant?

Aliosha: In general, working with customers and employees can be difficult.

Ryan: We have to provide the same worthwhile environment to our customers that we do to our employees, because at the end of the day, they are the ones providing the customers with the service. And if we don’t provide them with the service that they require from us then they aren’t going to turn it around and apply it to the customers. We have to create that environment, foster that idea that can be difficult. It’s the nature of the work force. People’s attitudes and expectations can be difficult, especially in Miami. Miami is tough.


THP: Where do you eat out in Miami?

Aliosha: Tutto Pasta, Yardbird. We eat 80% of the time in SuViche.

Ryan: The Latin American by my house. I go there 3 or 4 times a week.


THP: If you could open up another restaurant with a different concept and money played no role, what would you do?

Aliosha: There is a concept in Brazil I like. It’s a rotisserie with pizza. But, good quality. They are pretty popular in Brazil.

Andrei: And dessert pizza too, all kinds of topping, some even serve pasta.

Ryan: I had never heard of that… Texas de Pizza.

Its been quite a fortunate journey for these guys. Eight months ago, they opened up their second location in Miami Beach. Today, they will be celebrating this stepping stone with a ribbon cutting event. From here on they want to, “establish SuViche nationally and in the future internationally,” says Aliosha. 

We think it’s safe to say that they are on the right track especially since food is all they talk about. We are looking forward to more SuViches and crossing our fingers for one closer to South Miami!

SuViche Brickell: 49 SW 11 Street , Miami, FL 33130 (305) 960-7097
SuViche Miami Beach:  1119 16th St., Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 777-3555
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