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The “I Think I’m Skinny and Classy because I eat food a la French” Effect

The “I Think I’m Skinny and Classy because I eat food a la French” Effect


Wine and cheese is a combination we all love. It makes us feel all sophisticated, classy and well… very French. Today however, we are going to introduce you to something even better. A combination that guarantees to give you that delusion of grandeur—the “I’m feeling richer effect.”

Please allow me to blow your mind:

Pastries & Wine. Voilà!!! Not fully mind-blown yet? Rest assured, you will be once you go to L’Atelier —a French bakery by Franck Monnier. Imagine yourself walking into a bakery, but, as you step in, you find yourself surrounded by the most beautiful, elegant, and provocative French wine collection. Magnifique! “I’ll take them all please!”

atelier 2224

Maybe we are just wine addicts, but if you are not, this place will still be pretty magical for you too. From the chocolate almond croissants to the Parisian macarons, these are few of the French delicatessen you want to stuff your face with. YES! French pastries to the face! Except you won’t… because you will already be possessed by the “I’m feeling French effect”, and excusez-moi! French people don’t stuff their faces with anything. They sip on delicious wine and take small bites off delicate mille-feuilles.

L’Atelier  is the place for exactly this. Make it breakfast, lunch or girls afternoon out; it is the perfect place to come enjoy good wine (or coffee, or even tea ) and heavenly made food. All of their pastries are perfectly sized, freshly made, crisply texturized, there is no way you will go wrong. Our personal favorites: the Portobello and sundried tomato croissant followed by the pistachio ice cream topped with a macaron and also a must try is the carré crunchy, it is decadent yet light option.

atelier 2

Even the simplest things such as their bread, makes it worth it for us to go every morning today they have two locations one in Brickell and another one in Dadeland. “Oh La La! I will take three fresh out-of-the-oven baguettes. I’ll even carry them in my little basket and skip all the way back home.” -Me

If you have not been there, please do. Maybe you won’t exactly feel like you are in Paris, but you will definitely feel as French as a hungry American can possibly feel. And, as the great Chef Julia Child said, “Life itself is the proper binge.” So go on Hungries! Enjoy all the magic this place has to offer. Bon appétit!






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