Here is what you need to know about OTC: these kids are going big, it’s 9 months old and they’re already upping their game.

Outsiders might be surprised, but for the OTC team it’s a “no-brainer”.

Changes are nothing they are shying away from. They will be bold and exciting!

This is the kind of stuff Michael Sullivan, owner of OTC lives for. It’s evident in his past experiences, starting off in New York as a food runner, waiter and bartender, learning from the bottom and applying it every step of the way.

He shared with us, how dedicated he truly is for the growth of the restaurant. And you can see it in him. From the start, “opening up OTC, I haven’t take any days off. I’m here all the time. And everyone is like, ‘Oh, it must be so stressful. It’s not what you expected it, is it?’ And honestly, it’s everything I want. I’m here all the time because the job requires it but a lot of it is because I like being here. I like what we are doing. I like talking to people. I like seeing my friends come in, showing someone a new beer, showing someone a new dish. Every day, more and more this is hopefully, if I can make it work, the rest of my life. And I cannot think of anything else I would rather do.”

If you hadn’t had the chance to pass by OTC yet, (we highly doubt it, but if this is the case…) this is what you’ve been missing.

Located in Brickell, on South Miami Avenue, OTC is a “fresh casual” lunch, brunch and dining spot.

Michael described it to us as, “high quality meets a lower price point. We represent top-notch ingredients with a different style of service. It’s a fun place to come on a Tuesday night, have a couple of beers, eat some food (“food you know”, sliders, mac n cheese with a different take, but you still know it), listen to good music, and enjoy the nice décor.”

The new concept is set to be ready to run around October. So, first timers, before the menu goes: Michael recommends his personal favorite, the Braised Short Rib, “we do a homemade veal stock, a big differentiator in flavor, we get veal bones, rub them in tomato, oven roast them, pull them out, make almost a four day stock out of that, so they cook for 4 days straight, reducing into this incredible flavor and we braise the short ribs for five hours. The short rib just falls off the bone.”

Hungries should taste the Kale Salad, a flight of craft beer, and some S’mores for dessert.

For brunch, Michael says the quinoa hash and red velvet chicken and waffles are big sellers. The chicken and waffles are made with red velvet batter, powdered sugar on top and a very special maple syrup that is their little secret.


Out with the Old, In with the New

Regulars, say goodbye to the current menu and wait for it…

Michael explained what these changes mean to OTC:

It’s a tremendous asset having Jacob Anaya (former chef of Azul in the Mandarin Oriental) on board.

We are definitely changing the entire menu. We might leave maybe one or two items, but on our current draft of the menu there is no dish the same.

It’s different; it’s a good representation of California, of Jacob himself. He was born in New Mexico, he spent 12 years in San Francisco, which is the “foodie” capital of the US, then two years in Hawaii and two years in Australia.

So you see a lot of him in the menu, which is awesome because he will be cooking from the heart. I think that is the most important part for him. He thinks local, he thinks sustainable, he thinks fresh, he thinks light, its not heavy fried foods out there. It’s very health conscious but still flavorful and fun.

With the concept change you should expect Asian, some Mexican in there, some Tex-Mex and some classics. A burger will be on the menu which we never had and customers would always ask, “ why don’t you do a burger?” that kind of stuff.

We hear what customers are saying and we are going to make those adjustments and put that stuff that everyone is asking for.

This new direction is still going to be comfortable but I hope that people come in and before thinking of a certain dish, they really just think about the experience and say, “ Every time I go, it’s awesome food. I have stuff I’ve never had before;” it’s almost educational, like either a new ingredient they hadn’t had, plating style, or a whole dish in general, same thing with the beers.

Craft beer goes extremely well with some of the stuff that we will be doing. It’s going to be a big hit.  Its going to be different, its going to be a way smaller menu, way more in rotation, small plates, large plates, a section of raw, crudo, and a section of vegetables.

You know, people definitely know us here because of the craft beer; it’s just as big as the food.

We want them to say, “ Hey, I’ve never really had an awesome beer pairing.”  People talk about it, to have a dish and be told that goes really well, to feel it and taste it, and experience that pairing that is used so much with wine that is now starting to be used with beer. I think it’s tremendous to be able to give that experience to the neighborhood.

Craft beer is a focus. Other nice restaurants serve great food, for us it’s almost like a two headed monster, extremely focused on food and standing right next to it, is our amazing focus on craft beer. You will see on the menu how well these two are going to come together.

We’ve gotten a lot of beginners that don’t like craft beer who end up loving it.Untitled-1

What to Expect for Weekly Specials:

Specials will have a big role for us and I think it’s a change from what we are doing now.

It’s not going to be the same for sure. What we will do is different forms of specials; maybe Sunday nights will do something like a caja china or a family-style dinner where we put out tortillas on the table, a couple of sauces, chimichurri to represent South American, and some Asian flavor down the middle.

We will still have a ladies night and our craft beer nights, tap takeovers.


Brunch will not go anywhere. The menu will change for sure, but we will still have some of our big hits. Brunch as an idea will still be here.

Looking forward to this big OTC move, Michael said, “we feel very confident as a team that this is what people want and we believe that this will be our strength. Some people might think it’s crazy that we are changing what we are doing. For us, it’s just the right decision to make, the right time.”

So Hungries, stop on over and say hi. Michael and his staff will be happy to help you make all your food-related decisions at OTC.

OTC is located at 1250 South Miami Ave. Miami, FL


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