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Ni.Do. Caffรจ & Mozzarella Bar

Ni.Do. Caffรจ & Mozzarella Bar

Ni.Do., which is located in a tiny strip mall in the midst of Biscayne Boulevardโ€™s neon lights and motels, is a rustic caffรจ that houses the first mozzarella bar in Miami. If you are like us and tend to romanticize food with resilient roots and a heart-felt history, this is a good place to load up on some extra pounds.
Here, unfussy is the overarching theme, and it has been executed to perfection thanks to food that tastes just how it’s meant to. Here, you can forget about supersize-me portions as only what is necessary finds its way to the plate. The key to Ni.Do.โ€˜s success isnโ€™t in using complex ingredients, but rather in turning something simple into something special.

The small locale can sit about 20 people inside, 5 at the bar, and a few more at outdoor tables in a shaded pergola. We recommend making a reservation for a hassle-free experience. Nonetheless, if you forget to call ahead, the food is more than worth the wait.
Ni.Do. not only provides brunch, lunch, and dinner, but also the chance to snoop around a small bottega of imported Italian products such as fresh bread, extra virgin olive oil, truffle oil, tomato sauce, pasta, fresh mozzarella, and desserts to take home.
Looking over the menu, we immediately noticed an impressive repertoire of mozzarella that included Bufala, Burrata, Fiordilatte, Affumicata, Ricotta Fresca, and Stracciatella. We went with the creamy Burrata (highly recommended by our waitress) complemented by the Prosciutto Crudo di Parma. The other side options are Pomodori Marinati (basil-garlic marinated tomatoes), Caponata (Veggies sautรฉed Sicilian style), Prosciutto Cotto alla Piastra (grilled ham with balsamic reduction), and Insalata Estiva (Belgian endives, beets, orange and walnuts).

For antipasti we decided on the Flan di Carciofi, (artichoke soufflรฉ with parmesan vellutata) which playfully mixes temperatures in a single bite. We enjoyed swirling our fork into the balanced flavors ofย  artichoke cream, the cherry tomatoes, and the velvet-like sauce.
If youโ€™re in the mood for pasta, Gnocchi alla Sorrentina (served with fresh basil, tomato sauce, and bufala mozzarella) is a safe bet. However, the restaurant had Mushroom Ravioli as the pasta special, and we decided to go for it. If youโ€™re lucky enough to find them on the specials chalkboard inside when you visit, make sure to order them. You wonโ€™t want to miss this taste-infused dish that even would even be appreciated by porcini pessimists.

When the food arrived, our conversation stopped and was replaced by wide smiles after each bite. If we had an Italian nonna, this is the food she would makeโ€ฆ

7295 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33138
(305) 960-7022

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