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Filling Favs + Challenge

Filling Favs + Challenge

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By Alejandra Serna

Hello Hungries! The week is almost over, so it’s time to ditch the suit and grab your appetite to continue the National Burger Month celebration at one of our favorite Downtown gems – The Filling Station and Garage Bar. The name pulls no punches, offering a hefty menu of burgers and other bar-friendly big bites in a setting brimming with personality and edge.

Although the venue screams “casual,” they mean serious business when it comes to the food, so any Hungries visiting should be prepared.

To get you started, consider trying some of the following specialty burgers, each served with your choice of seasoned tatter tots, for childhood nostalgia, or the ever-hip sweet potato fries – all under $10.


Photo Credit: Alejandra Serna

First, we sampled Mike’s Speed Racer. Attune to its name, this burger hits you fast with a mix of classic flavors including spinach, mushrooms, and bacon topped with a fried egg. Although it originally comes with a jalapeno jack cheese, we encourage you to request the fresh-made mozzarella, which gives not only an extra creaminess to each bite, but adds fun, stretchy element to the process.


Photo Credit: Alejandra Serna

Next came Steve’s “Respect” Mobile, a decadent concoction made up of one beef patty topped with pulled pork, smothered in the restaurant’s signature jerk BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese alongside a side of homemade ranch. As delicious as the meats in this dish were – and they really were – the stars of the show, without question, were the sauces, which made magic when blended together. The jerk BBQ rounded off a finger-licking sweetness with a blend of spices that provided just the right finishing kick while the ranch smoothed everything out for the perfect texture. From your burger to tots and fries, dip anything and everything into this mix. It’s outrageous!

Now it’s time for dessert, but that doesn’t mean we need to stray from the burger menu. This is where Gabbys D’Lorean and Sara’s Super Sport come in. Gabby’s features a generous coating of Nutella complemented by caramelized onions and peppered bacon. Don’t think beef and chocolate can coexist? They can at the Filling Station! The combo is surprisingly well-matched, creating a dessert option no meat-lover can pass up. However, if chocolate is not your thing, Sara’s jumble of rich peanut butter, peppered bacon, red onion are a must-try. The peanut butter brings out the subtle sweetness of the red onion, which in turn complements the bacon and beef for a salty-sweet offering.

Now, for the burger fiend looking to take the Burger Month festivities to another level, there’s always the 18 Wheeler Challenge. The task is to devour a colossal creation made up of nine patties, nine onions rings, 18 slices of cheese, and two whole pickles with a side of tots. Inspired by the popular Food Network show “Man vs. Food,” the Filling Station offers challengers this monster burger for free if, and only if, they can consume the entirety of the order in one hour and do so solo. Till this day, more than 60 people had tried and failed to achieve burger glory, instead being crushed under the weight of the 18 Wheeler Challenge.

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Photo Credit: The Filling Station & Garage





















Ready to fill up, Hungries?

The Filling Station and Garage Bar is open from 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday. For more information, , please visit their website at thefillingstationmiami.com.



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