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Comida Casera at Mondongo’s

Comida Casera at Mondongo’s

The menu at Mondongo’s is simple and so is the atmosphere of this white house with dark wood finishes. There is a constant flow of customers in and out of the restaurant and at lunch time all the tables are jam-packed, which is always a good sign.

Families and co-workers keep coming back for more, but only the bold stomachs fully enjoy a meal at Mondongo’s.

Sure they have the less hearty dishes like a simple grilled chicken breast, steak, churrasco, pork, and breaded fish; but what you should really be going to Mondogo’s for, are the classics.

Dishes like Mondongo, Ajiaco, and the Tipico will take up the whole table and exude taste.

We recommend that you start with the arepa, the small white corn cake is well accompanied by aji dulce or aji picante, depending on your preference of spice.

Of course we knew what to expect so we prepared ourselves for a late lunch that would feature the Tipico, originally from the Antioquia department in Colombia. The Tipico is a platter that comes with beans, red pepper, rice, ground beef, crispy back fat, egg, ripe plantain, and steamed potatoes. It is served with avocado, banana, coriander, and lemon.

With this array of dishes the best thing you can do in our opinion is start dumping the rice, ground beef, avocado, coriander and squirts of lemon into the bean soup.

We promise it will taste like your grandfather’s home cooked beans.

If beans aren’t your thing, try the signature Mondongo, a rich soup of pork, tripe, and chorizo.

Oh! If you have room for dessert, don’t forget to order the brevas with arequipe and fresh cheese on the side. This small dish of Colombian figs will change the flavors in your mouth to give you a sweeter taste and a great finale for your meal.

After we finished, all we wanted was our bed .We kept wondering how food that takes so much preparation can come out of the kitchen this fast and taste so good. That’s the only mystery here.

Visiting Mondongo’s was like listening to Otis Redding, music to our ears; well, this was music to our stomachs, if you know what we mean….


3500 NW 87 Avenue  Doral ,Florida






305 718 4977






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