Just say you're hungry and we'll hold your hand

There are three things that you should know about us from the start (at least before any hand-holding business).

1. Here you will only find what we love
2. We don’t review restaurants, we recommend restaurants
3. Somos Latinos, and we’re proud of it! Sometimes we’ll write in English, others times en español, y otras veces in both

For our Hungries, we’ve created a virtual venue to uncover and discover:

 Miami’s best-kept dinning secrets

– The obvious spots our brain loses track of on an empty stomach

– And the newbies that you’d better catch

Our restaurant tab is the Holy Grail of who we are and the foundation of our bellies. Our events are the ones you should be at. Our newsletter is how you keep up.

Just remember we aren’t just about what’s in…We are about what’s in and good, and sometimes what’s good isn’t exactly in. So mainly, if what you want is to know good food and where to find it, then un placer conocerte.


Jose ‘Baby’ Loor

Maestro of Operations
AKA Our Secret Weapon
"I will score you the best deals in Miami"

Ale Cangas

Marketing Ninja
AKA The Go-Cookie-Getter
"The best version of myself is after breakfast"

Andrea Becerra

Managing Editor
AKA Little Munch-A-LOT
"You'll never get a meal back so choose wisely"

Diana Rodriguez

"I'll be impressed with technology when I can download food."

Quiqui Ronan

"Never met a pizza I didn't like"

Victoria Certain aka Noni

Social Media Guru
"Life Begins after coffee"

Ivy Bernardo

"You can find me next to the brie and the prosciutto. Now, if you bring a glass of Malbec, we'll be fast friends"

Natalie Montesino

"I never met a meal I didn't like."


Mitch & Mel Take Miami

The Hungry Post has been around the blogging block for a while now. Founded by Andrea Becerra, Alejandra Cangas, and Jose “Baby” Loor back in 2011, the blog has since grown into a full-blown network of foodie fun that includes a regular newsletter, special events, and restaurant consulting. In fact, they have been so successful that Andrea is able to dedicate 100% of her time to The Hungry Post. Yes, that’s right, food blogging has become her full-time career! #dreamjob

Miami New Times

Miami's Best Food Instagrams. Did you know Pubbelly serves cronuts for brunch? You would if you followed the Hungry Post. And then you'd probably head there to try them yourself. That's what this aptly named Instagram does -- makes you hungry. From Galician-style octopus on a Friday to celebrate the end of the workweek to warm chocolate pie on a cool Sunday afternoon, the Hungry Post documents every step of its edible journey by capturing the essence of each dish up close. The goal: to make you feel as if you tried the food without actually being there (although now you probably will head over). Mission accomplished.

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