Contributing Writers

Who We Are?

The Hungry Post is a local virtual venue committed to butter spreading (get it? better spreading) the unconventional stories in food..

For the hungry, we gather up and create local, mouth-opening experiences that are worthy of your precious sweet time and shortcake to the point.

What We Write

WE AREN’T JUST ABOUT WHAT’S IN … We are about what’s in and good and sometimes what’s GOOD isn’t exactly IN. So mainly, if you want to know good food and where to find it, then pleased to meet you.

Our Contributing Writers

Our contributors are fresh and crisp writers with an edge. They are witty, honest and so funny, it hurts.
And yes, of course, they must be crazy about food, just like us.

We focus on positive recommendations, chats with chefs, emphasizing what to order, where to eat, and the must-try-before-death dishes. We choose not to trash others. Why? Well, frankly we think it’s a waste of time for you but mostly because our mother always said, “if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

Check out our website for reference on previous articles, our sense of humor, and the restaurants we've already written about so you don't revisit them (or revisit them and do a better job than we did).


Send us a write-up of your favorite food/restaurant in Miami. All we require is that the article must be unpublished, written in English and something that keeps us on our toes! Remember pictures are always a plus! Our readership is young and likes descriptive pieces with a touch of simplicity. Be comfortable and write something your friends would want to read.