From NYC to Miami Beach, Sushi Azabu delivers Michelin starred sushi and hot Japanese delicacies. 

By: Diana Rodriguez

The crowd moved and grooved through the food stations at the unveiling of Sushi AZABU, inside the Stanton South Beach. We all made our way outside to dine cocktail-style under the stars. Luckily, Miamians layered on their best leather jackets because the night was chilly. The whiskey and sake being passed around were definitely welcomed. Along one side of the outdoor patio were four serving stations with curries, sashimi, and other cooked meats. On the adjacent side, guests loaded their plates with oysters, shrimp, and other shellfish.

Favorite dishes: We loved trying the thinly sliced wagyu beef in a sweet marinade and topped with chopped red onions. Just one bite left us wanting more of their Kaiseki style cuisine. Tokyo trained chefs rock it with another dish that caught our attention: Rock Shrimp coated in bubu rice cracker with a side of spicy mayo. The contrast between the crunch and creamy sauce is delightful.

Takeaway: In case you missed the memo, Azabu is open and ready for you! They opened their doors and are serving dinner daily. This Michelin-starred restaurant from New York made its way to Miami and into our bellies (and hungry hearts). Come experience all that Tokyo has to offer our city from the dining room with an open kitchen concept to their classic cocktail bar housing our favorite Japanese whiskeys. If you’re cool enough you might even find your way into The Den, an exclusive (and hidden) sushi counter.