Brunch = Miami’s Favorite Meal

Doesn’t require you to wake up early, knocks out two meals in one, you can basically eat anything sweet and savory in the order you like (without judgment), but most importantly you can get away with arriving on Latin time. 

Chef Jose Andres has made Miami the home of two of his restaurants: The Bazaar and recently opened Bazaar Mar. We went brunchin’ the other day to Bazaar Mar and our stomachs were in complete awe…

So, without further ado, let’ give it up for Bazaar Mar, The Hungry Post’s Restaurant of Month for July!

Brunch at Bazaar Mar can be enjoyed by those fancy palates but also by those that love a little Spanish comfort. They have it all, a raw bar serving the finest caviar (they’re all good right?), imported cheeses from Spain, cured meats, Nutella pancakes, egg white tortillas with sauteed mushrooms, Dungeness crab Benedicts, and free-flowing champagne.

Need we say more? Watch that video! It will make you run to Bazaar Mar for their Brunch served from 11 AM- 2:30 PM every Saturday, and Sunday.