The only thing longer than the line at a South Beach club on a Saturday night is the line for Blue Collar’s brunch on Sunday morning. Chef/Owner Danny Serfer and Chef de Cuisine Ervin Bryant had an idea – why restrict brunch to weekends? Miami isn’t beholden to society’s constructs and restrictions – especially when it comes to egg intake! Brunch for Every Lunch was born. Starting today, Blue Collar will offer six of its top-selling, most popular best brunch offerings during lunch service, Monday through Friday, in addition to the restaurant’s “usual” complete lunch menu.


“True – breakfast is the most important meal of the day–but brunch is like is like breakfast’s older, cooler friend who can buy beer,” Chef Danny Serfer extols. “Blue Collar has been a brunch destination since opening in 2012. What better way to follow up an epic night out than with an incredibly satisfying meal?,” he adds. “And since it’s always the weekend here in Miami, serving brunch daily keeps everybody on schedule!”

There will be no shortage of egg porn on weekdays anymore! The Brunch for Every Lunch menu will feature Blue Collar’s signature Pork and Beans ($16) with smoky Neuske bacon, Berkshire sausage, white beans, toast and a fried egg on top. For veggie fiends, the Veggie Scramble ($15) with broccoli, asparagus, provolone cheese and San Marzano tomatoes; Artichoke Benedict combines artichoke hearts, ciabatta and lemon aioli. It’s just not Brunch without the classics; Steak and Eggs ($25) Cedar River Farm steak, two eggs, hash, toast and garlic aioli; Brioche French Toast ($17) with maple syrup and a Breakfast Plate ($13) three eggs your way, bacon, breakfast potatoes and a Portuguese muffin.


“Most chefs demonize Brunch, but it’s really my time to shine” Bryant chimes in. Guests of Blue Collar can find Ervin behind the line, singing to each cheeseburger and serenading the jambalaya. “I love to cook, it’s so much fun! Feed you at The Collar, make your taste buds holla!”

They say you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Blue Collar plans to crack a lot of eggs, seven days a week!