By: Andy Joseph

Miami certainly has it’s fair share of quality Mediterranean food options, but Byblos in the Shorecrest Hotel, may very well take the top spot in our opinions.

Our dinner started off with Byblos’ take on the classic margarita, and we highly recommend you do the same. The tequila-inspired drinks which were served tableside from an elegant silver pot, had chili-spiced strawberry tea, cilantro, lime & Avion Reposado.

While enjoying these Habibi Margaritas, the appetizers started coming in. Our favorites were the roasted red beets with pistachio caraway, labneh and perfectly toasted barbari bread, the eggplant kibbeh with zucchini flower, chickpea butter and house yogurt, and the lamb ribs with dukkah, buttermilk sauce, carob molasses and red chili schug. We were also treated to a soft shell crab salad, which is currently off the menu, but if you hurry into Byblos, you might be able to try it.

Of course, no trip to Byblos is complete, without ordering one (or maybe two) black truffle pide, one of their signature “flatbreads” which consists of buffalo mozzarella, halloumi, and tartufata. The black truffle pide is a must.

Sometime between this ambush of appetizers, we were served another round of drinks. This time, we were treated to some Byblos Old Fashioned’s. The combination of Old Forester Bourbon, Rum, Bitters & House-Blended Sweet Turkish Coffee is the right move for the bourbon, whiskey and rum fans out there.

At this point we were feeling pretty full, but our dinner was not yet complete, without the yogurt baked fluke, a soft but at the same time crunchy fish dish, prepared with toasted bread crumbs, walnuts, and brown butter, and a side of really good crispy hand-rolled couscous with creamed collards and halloumi.

Byblos Miami, is much more than just a Mediterranean restaurant. The ambiance, cool background music, friendly staff, and of course delicious food and drink, make Byblos a can’t miss spot in Miami Beach