For the Vegans that like to party and eat

This plant-based kitchen, bar and lounge is bringing the 305 a menu that’s a surprising discovery for everyone.

By: Marianna Castro Friscia

Miami’s first vegetarian/vegan culinary and nightlife experience to arrive in Brickell created by restaurateur Anselmo Di Virgilio Hernandez and Chef Christopher Baugh (from Bali’s Sage). 

Name of Restaurant: CRATE

Location: Brickell
Address:  901 S. Miami Ave, Miami, 33130
Meal type: Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, Gluten Free
Cuisine: American, Balinese-inspired flavors
Ambiance: Lounge vibes
Background music: Downtempo/Deep House Music
What to wear: Casual Fun

What to expect: When you hear about the new vegan spot in town, you’re probably thinking of a bohemian type of place, right? Well, this ain’t quite that. Think typical South Beach/Miami lounge meets (a very healthy version of) Shake Shack. You go, chill with friends, maybe catch up on the games and even dance a little. Hungry? No problem. Just get in line, order whatever you’d like, and place the number on your table. Once the food gets there, take the first bite and you’ll ask yourself why you haven’t had vegan food all your life. It is DE-LI-CIOUS. No exaggeration. 

The Menu: Chef Baugh, originally from California, is a 3rd generation vegan. When we spoke to him, his passion for that vegetarian/vegan life came right through. The owner of Sage (located in Ubud, Indonesia), he now splits his time between Miami and Bali, bringing us the freshest recipes at CRATE. “I grew up surfing and traveling all over the world with my vegetarian family. My menu inspiration comes from all that,” he mentioned.

 What to order: We started our dinner with the Killer Kale salad. Honestly, the name says it all. It comes entirely seasoned with a creamy tahini dressing, avocado, cherry tomatoes, kalamata, cucumber and delightful crunchiness.

Following that, we dove into two of the crowd pleasers: Summer Rolls (julienned veggies, fresh herbs, roasted peanuts and dipping sauce) and the Wings.  Buffalo cauliflowers with a side of ranch. Tip for all of you meat-lovers: take a bite, close your eyes and you WILL taste the chicken.

Now. The Burgers. My goodness, the burgers! It should be named “I Can’t Believe It’s Not A Hamburger” (just sayin’, Chef Baugh!). Crate’s classic cheeseburger is made with mung bean, organic brown rice and roasted vegetables, served with sweet potato fries. We kid you not, it tastes just as good (if not better) than your regular burger.

Oh, we’re not done here. We had the Jack Fruit Asada Tacos. Sounds weird, yet interesting, right? It was. And it also got our thumbs up! 

As if Chef Baugh’s remarkable cooking skills weren’t sufficient, his wife made us the most juicy and tasty carrot cake we’ve had in a very, very long time. And again, all as vegan as can be!

Overall, CRATE’s vegan/vegetarian menu was truly a mind-blowing experience. 

Off the menu: A turbo version of the Classic Burger that includes the veggie burger, tempeh bacon, sprouts, avocado, caramelized onions, cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, buffalo sauce, ranch and with a side of sweet potato bacon cheese fries at market price.

How to score a table: No reservations needed. Walk-ins are welcome!