By Diana Rodriguez

While you were carving out pumpkins, we went around Miami in search of the best twist on a classic cocktail. So this weekend, leave the tricks and treats for the kids. Check out the lineup below as you plan your couples costume with Bae for Halloween. We know some places that, like the timeless couples throughout time, are not always doing it the Old Fashioned way.


Swine / Johnny Cash & June

Couples that sing together, stay together. Or was it drink? Johnny and June had an old fashioned southern romance. Such is our love for the bacon infused Swine Old Fashioned. Using Buffalo Trace bourbon, home made orange bitters, and fresh maple syrup, this concoction may have you walking the line on Halloween.


La Moderna / Romeo & Juliet

Queue in Romeo and Juliet. We are not surprised this Italian couple took to drinking. If they had a do-over, their final drink would be some version of La Moderna’s Old Fashioned. And blood will be spilled! The craft involves infused cherries (cherry juice, whiskey and vermouth), along with chocolate and coffee liqueurs. Knob Creek Kentucky bourbon is poured into the glass after smoking it with hulk chips.


Beaker & Gray / Batman & Robin

The dynamic duo at Beaker & Gray is proof that two is better than one. Like Robin is to Batman, the bar is bringing out intrigue and depth (of flavor) through the craft of some scary-good cocktails. Their take on the Old Fashioned blends in Old Forester Bourbon, cherry bark vanilla bitters, angostura bitters and simple syrup.


Michael’s Genuine / Bonnie & Clyde

Who doesn’t love some good old drama? And with a pair like this, a little confrontation is bound to happen. But, Bonnie and Clyde would drop their weapons at the first sip of this Old Fashioned spin: Outlander. It combines 15 year limousine oak-aged Scotch (Glenlivet), Plymouth slow gin, house made grenadine and absinthe, topped with cinnamon and garnished with an orange peel.


Cypress Tavern / Wilson & Tom Hanks

For those cast away couples, there is nothing more creative than the Hemingway Old Fashioned at Cypress Tavern. The cocktail is stirred and strained into a glass with one large rock. Made with Avion Blanco Tequila and Maraschino Liqueur, the only thing you’ll be wearing is that grapefruit peel. And with no sugar added, well, we just hope you can survive this one!


Barley / Captain Jack Sparrow & Angelica

Dead men tell no tails quite like this. Some call him “El Puro” and he will use his wit until you surrender. We are talking about Barley’s Old Fashioned combining cinnamon syrup infused with oak wood Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum. Located in Downtown Dadeland, the bartenders at Barley stack a lit cigar inside the glass that will leave you smelling him on you for hours. As Jack would say, take what you can, give nothing back!



Radio Bar / Roger Rabbit & Jessica Rabbit

Use the back door entrance to Radio Bar and that’s exactly how rumors get started. Of course, not one that Roger Rabbit would ever believe about his Jessica. He would be sitting at the bar ordering a sweet Old Fashioned prepared with Bulleit bourbon. His friends suggesting that he leave her, but with no muddled thoughts, he flees (with drink in hand).

Regent Cocktail Club / J.Lo and Marc Anthony

She loves him, she loves him not. The passions between Latin couples like J.Lo and Marc are as strong as the spirits in Regent’s classic Cachaca Old Fashioned. This smooth drink features aged Avua Ambruana Cachaca, simple syrup, angostura bitters and a fresh orange peel. All your senses are ignited with the warm blend of savory notes.

Whether you have been planning your couples costume for weeks, or just putting together a quick DIY, be sure to pair them well with any of the cocktails listed above. But as always, drink responsibly!