We went to Riviera Maya had Tequila, vino and a tasting menu by Michelin Chef Javier Aranda.

Hungries, we’re excited to launch our Fly For Food, original series where we literally… are flying for food. Our first stop: UNICO 20˚87˚ Hotel Riviera Maya.

If you’re looking for an August getaway we recommend you book a non-stop flight to Cancun in order to experience UNICO 20˚87˚, a luxury all-inclusive hotel in Riviera Maya inspired by historical Mexican elements of the region.

We just got back from their curated Superbia Summer Experience and let us tell you we didn’t have a moment to catch our breath with every bite and sip throughout the weekend. From July 2nd until August 27th, UNICO 20˚87 will be featuring restaurant and bar takeovers, events by Michelin-starred and The World’s 50 Best Chefs, wine and tequila tastings, handcrafted cocktails from top mixologists, and pool parties with Tulum’s best DJs.

Our weekend included tacos al pastor by the pool, chilaquiles for brunch, Tequila tasting with Herradura and a tasting menu by Michelin Chef Javier Aranda. Chef Aranda, chef of La Cabra & Gaytan from Madrid spoke to us about his ingredient-driven gastronomy inspired by Spanish cuisine. For his tasting menu was compiled of 6 dishes. Incorporating ingredients of the land and sea. Here’s what we ate

Amuse Bouche

Coca of Foie, corn and Iberian ham

Lightly grilled squid in onion with plankton, microalgae that are actually nutrients for whales.

Main Dishes

Roasted chicken broth, low-temperature egg, and cobs.

Bass Fish with a carrot puree, bitters and tender leaves.

Veal shank, robuchon, and garlic.


Chocolate 2.0 with a pop-rock surprise!

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For more information about Superbia and UNICO 20˚87. Visit their Instagram at @UNICO2087 or Facebook at @UNICO2087. Oh and let us know if you’re interested in our help in planning your next vacation.