You’re not 222 late to check out the latest Mexican restaurant from former Coyo Taco Co-Founder.

By: Kelly Nercess
Location: North Bay Village
Address: 1624 79th Street Causeway, North Bay Village, FL 33141
Meal type: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour
Happy Hour: M-F 4PM – 7PM // $2.22 Al Pastor Tacos
Cuisine: Mexican
Ambiance: Casual Chic
Background music: If there was any, it wasn’t noticeable.
What to wear: Casual cute. Get dressy in your best Sunday brunch gear, or jeans and a T works, too.

What to expect: They say don’t read a book by its cover, but in this case, you can. The exterior of the restaurant is just as fun as the inside. The inviting multi-color striped paint job makes you think you’re walking straight into a giant piñata, and the interior has loads of goodies. Light and airy inside with a boho chic style bar, along with plenty of booths and large tables, it’s the ideal spot for a casual date night or a daytime lunch with your best gals.

The Menu: 222 Taco offers a variety of menu items for a fast-casual Mexican restaurant. Everything from tacos and loaded nachos, to ceviche and grilled cactus. The range is endless and can accommodate even the pickiest of palates. In the mood for breakfast for dinner? Check! 222 Taco offers all-day breakfast, so go ahead and opt for those huevos rancheros at 7 pm if your heart desires.

What to order: The menu is stocked with plenty of options, so we’ll make it easy and help you prioritize:

Carne Asada Fries: Fresh herb fries topped with bits of steak and guac sauce. Need we say more? The size is large enough to share with 3-4 people as an appetizer to nosh on or accompany as a side with your main dish.

Grilled Nopal: Feeling adventurous? Take a step out of your comfort zone and give this Mexican delicacy a try. Grilled cactus, topped with tomatillo sauce and a side of tortillas to pair it with. It’s a generous portion, so everyone in your party can give it a try, too.

Tacos: It’s all about the tacos! 222 Taco offers a wide variety of Land, Sea or Jardin (vegetarian) protein options to fill your tacos with. Standout stars for the land include the Al Pastor (the classic pineapple and pork combination), and the Cochinita Pibil (slow-roasted pork).

For sea, we recommend indulging in the Fried Baja Fish or the Pulpo Al Guajillo (octopus).

Lastly, they offer the Jardin section which caters towards vegetarians, so we recommend going for the Hongo Alambre (mushroom). Tacos are a la carte and relatively small, so if you’re really hungry you would probably need at least 3 to fill up if that’s all your ordering.

Coco-Ceviche: This dish serves with local fish or coconut meat for vegans, citricos, jicama, sweet pepper, cilantro, and topped with toasted coconut. Fish is fresh and the dish is light and serves as a great appetizer or side. If you’re feeling generous, the portion is large enough to share with one other person, or we don’t blame you if you want it all to yourself.

How to score a table: No reservation needed, as this is an order at the counter and seat yourself kind of place. No worries, they have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Feel free to walk-in at any time for a quick bite, or stay awhile and hang at the bar.