Fi’lia is where to go when you want a fancy brunch on a Saturday and are willing to pay for it.

By: Diana Rodriguez
Location: Brickell
Address: 1300 S Miami Ave suite 100, Miami, FL 33130
Meal type: Weekend Brunch, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Cuisine: Italian
Ambiance: Relaxed chic
Background music: Lounge music, think Gotan Project
What to wear: We won’t look twice if you walk in with a maxi dress over your bikini, ladies. And our guys are ok with shorts and a polo for brunch.

What to expect: At Fi’lia the vibe is earthy and neutral tones. This corner lot has ceiling to floor glass windows with a view to South Miami Avenue. To one side of the restaurant, you will see faux plants in large white pots hanging from the ceiling. Look close and tell us what else you see.

The Menu: On our last visit, we checked out their weekend brunch. The menu is divided into small plates (think 2-3 per person), large plates, and sweets. A meal for two might look like this: four small plates like the Crispy Chickpea or Meatball Slider, a large plate each like the Wood Grilled Steak & Egg, and powdered donuts.

What to order: We stuck to the plan and ordered about four small plates–between the two of us–three large plates (we came hungry), and a dessert each. This is what you must try…

Chilled Overnight Oats: To the naked eye, this seems like a simple idea. But when executed like this (see below), it’s magic. We can still savor the tart cherries and lime zest with the crunch of sliced marcona almonds. These creamy oats also highlight the maple flavor that is a theme throughout the entire brunch menu.

Grilled Octopus: On this dish, the romesco sauce (made to be eaten with fish) is deconstructed and glazed underneath the large tentacle. That is fancy for: the chef took the almonds out of the sauce and put it on the plate. Luckily we’re into that. We’re also into the parsley and mint chimichurri served over the octopus. Consider ordering the Smoked Wild Salmon to go with this.

Panna Cotta: There is a new aroma in this dessert and it is lemon thyme. Definitely order bae his own dessert because this is all you. Each bite is a delicate contrast between the cream and pine nut crumble.

Off the menu: Chef wants to make you happy and some alterations are offered.

How to score a table: Reserve online or call ahead. Saturday brunch sees some action, so better be safe and reserve before just showing up.