By: Sabrina Pimentel

Our taste buds traveled thousands of miles to Paris during our visit to Bakehouse Brasserie in South Beach. The French bistro is a hidden gem we were lucky to find. We experienced their brunch menu and were very impressed by the high quality of French cuisine. Upon our arrival we were greeted in their friendly staff and Chef Steve Frank. Alongside the culinary team, Chef Steve curates the best paring of ingredients from breakfast to dinner. Everything is made in house – even the ketchup!


We were feeling fancy and ordered the Escargot Puffs to start our Parisian adventure paired with a mimosa. The puffs were strongly addictive and were gone in seconds. If snails aren’t your favorite we would still recommend trying them. The puffs are a great alternative to how most snails are served in a butter sauce. This starter is more inviting to someone who wants to try something new and delicious.



The main attraction was the Croissant French Toast.  Chef Steve who shared with us how he caramelizes the bananas before stuffing it into the croissant recommended the dish. It’s also worth mentioning that this ultra flakey croissant is made fresh in-house and available for purchase to-go at their bakery.  Flakey croissant, caramelized bananas and drizzled cream cheese glaze makes up this sharable dish. Maple syrup isn’t necessary because the dish already has loads of sweetness. You cannot leave Bakehouse Brasserie without ordering it!


If you’re like us we love a sweet and savory combo. In addition to the Croissant French Toast we also ordered an omelet. The Fines Herbes Omelet with French ham, Gruyere, watercress and Mornay sauce was light and tasty. If you’ve never eaten a French omelet they are as thin as a crepe yet equally delightful. As a side we ordered the Brussels sprout mash that was perfectly seasoned and super crunchy. We wished we asked the chef how it was cooked to recreate it at home!

We couldn’t leave Bakehouse without checking out their bakery and trying a few of their chocolate truffles. The salted caramel truffle and passion fruit truffle were to die for!


If brunch isn’t your thing definitely visit the restaurant to pickup fresh pastries for your next dinner party or enjoy a drink at the bar. We will definitely return to try the Martini Brunch flight paired with a cheese platter. They are open everyday and if you don’t have any plans on Christmas Day they will also be open for brunch.