We stumbled upon Joe & The Juice while walking aimlessly along the streets of Manhattan and couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them to our neighborhood. It’s our mission to uncover the next up-and-coming joint in town and post about it on our feeds, letting others in on our little secret. But in this case, Joe’s got the upper hand. Nearing two hundred locations, Joe & The Juice is welcoming Miami to its ever-growing family.

The natural lit and open atmosphere makes you feel right at home, where you just want to order delicious food and drinks to kickback for hours. Not to mention the animated staff and music vibrating good energy throughout the entire space, it makes you never want to leave.

Now onto the real reason why you’re reading this article, food and drinks. When we started off ordering cold pressed juices we weren’t expecting a clever performance. They poured our juices while holding the cups in some pretty intricate places (one hand behind their back as they poured over their shoulder, cup standing still as they got into mini-back bends and poured without spilling, etc.). With a spectacular show came some of Joe’s renowned juices, the Energizer, red grapefruit, ginger, and apple. Next came the Green Shield, made up of cucumber, kale, spinach, broccoli, apple, and the Joe’s Organic Roots made from beets, carrot, and ginger.

What came as a pleasant surprise were the lack of plates and utensils as we held the delicious Avocado and Serrano sandwiches in hand, made of mozzarella, avocado, tomato, and pesto.

Company or not, Joe’s team welcome you with open arms and are always ready to have a show you a good time.