We are ready for almond croissants, quiches and crepe rolls

Outside of an Art Basel pop-up, this is the only spot in Miami where you can ogle Alec Monopoly paintings while enjoying a traditional French tartine.

By: Sara Dunn

Name of Restaurant: LaMuse Café at Avant Gallery
Location: Brickell/Downtown
Address: 270 Biscayne Boulevard Way, #102, Miami, FL 33131 (inside the EPIC hotel)
Hours: Breakfast 8 AM – noon; Lunch Noon-3PM
Cuisine: European café fare
Ambiance: Modern artsy French
Background music: quiet café
What to wear: You don’t have to dress like a serious collector to eat here (café casual).

What to expect: An escape from the plethora of Latin options in Miami, LaMuse will make you feel like you are in the café of a modern art museum. All of the dishes are delicious and artfully presented. When you’re not busy enjoying your meal, look up. The high ceilings are the canvas for the full art experience that is LaMuse, where it’s not just colorful and provocative paintings and photographs, but also shiny light fixtures, formed by the multicolored ceiling decorated with actual frame edges.  

The Menu: The breakfast menu has a variety of French café items, including tartines, pastries, and bread baked daily, CroSubs (yes, croissant sandwiches!), quiches, crepe rolls, breakfast sandwiches, and fruits and bowls. The lunch menu has the breakfast items as well as additional snacks and plates, soup, salads, and different variations of the CroSubs. 

What to order: The go-to dishes are the tartines, with the crowd favorite being the Avocado & Microgreens (add a poached egg if you’re feeling wild). The avocado was ripe and flavorful and the crunchy toast gave it the perfect balance. We also loved the smoked salmon tartine, which has a satisfying layer of cream cheese. The salmon was fresh and the cream cheese was indulgent. All of the tartines come in two pieces, so they are perfect to share. The tartines are served with bright and ripe heirloom tomatoes on the side, which add to the color palette of the plate. 

When you’re in a French cafe, you can’t miss the pastries and bread. The Almond Croissant stands out from its traditional counterparts, baked with a yummy cream and topped with sliced almonds. This one is definitely big enough to share! Also try the apple tart, with apple slices baked onto the top. It’s flakier and less dense than a typical tart, and the apple slices are so thin they melt in your mouth.

The stand-out menu item is definitely the CroSub. We had the Eggy CroSub, which was a multigrain croissant with a light egg salad, tomato, and avocado. What is a multigrain croissant? It tastes like a heartier croissant and is much more exciting than multigrain bread. The egg salad isn’t your mother’s lunchbox variety – we were very impressed with the delicate balance of flavors. The CroSubs are served with veggie chips and a side salad, so this is more of a main dish.

The Kamasutra Shrimp Cocktail, which is served with four colossal (seriously, big!) shrimp, is accompanied by a housemade cocktail sauce that is both sweet and tangy. We noticed the absence of horseradish, which The chef has replaced with a secret ingredient. Here’s a hint: it’s a bit boozy! 

How to score a table: Walk-ins are welcome. Pick-up orders are popular, and the café can coordinate delivery if you order curbside. The EPIC hotel is almost done with construction on the terrace area, and we can’t wait to go back and see how it turns out.