Miami chefs have a thing or two to say to those haters out there. Watch and learn.

We love our Miami chefs, we respect them, we cherish their work (it’s truly an art if you ask us), and we just genuinely appreciate every dish they put forward. It’s not easy, especially in a world, where we can speak up and say how we feel, even if we have no context, and even if they are blatant lies.

So on this beautiful V-Day season, some of our favorite chefs will be loving their haters, laughing it off, because at the end of the day—what else can they do but take everything with a grain of salt. Right bae?

Our first batch of chefs includes Chef Matt Kuscher of  The Spillover, Kush, Lokal, Vicky’s House, Santiago Gomez of Tacology and more. Every week we will release one short video so keep up Hungries. Oh and if you get easily offended, look away.


Watch chefs read mean @yelp reviews on our Love Your Haters series?

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