By: Sabrina Pimentel

It’s officially summertime so you know what that means! Food with a view is a must to enjoy this amazing Miami weather. The new Greek restaurant, Kiki on the River redefines Mediterranean cuisine with authentic and modern dishes. With a waterfront garden setting you’ll never want to leave and we encourage you to stay all summer long. Kiki welcomes their guests with a genuine smile and recommends their favorite dishes to new-timers. Kiki is part of the Opium Group, which guarantees an unforgettable experience. Executive Chef Steve Rhee prepares innovative dishes all made from scratch in-house. You can expect to try ingredients from all over the world including Greece.

We enjoyed champagne all night long but had to try their highly recommended cocktail, the Pink Panther. The cocktail is perfect to cheers with your girlfriends since the drink definitely appeals to the ladies. Stoli Elit, cold pressed dragon fruit juice and lime will get you in the perfect mood for the Kiki experience.

We meat again. #Kikiontheriver

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What if we told you Kiki makes chips without the guilt? We loved their Fried Zucchini and Eggplant Chips served with Tzatziki sauce. The veggies are thinly sliced, battered and flash fried to perfection. They are great to munch on over cocktails before the main course.


We also shared the Grilled Octopus, which could very well be an entrée itself because of how delicious it was. The octopus is olive oil braised, served with red onions, fried capers and toped with parsley. The octopus wasn’t chewy at all and bite-sized.

For our entrée we shared the BIG FISH. Literally. The Grilled Lavraki is a Mediterranean Sea Bass was already deboned and ready to serve. The fish was very flavorful and fresh as can be. The white meat melts in your mouth and makes you question is this real? What we love about Kiki is everything is family-style and caters to groups. We paired the fish with their Kiki Fries because crumbed feta on fries seemed like a must.

Our night ended with Greek Yogurt with walnuts and Greek honey. How more Greek can you get? The dessert was light and the honey made all the difference. We invite you to enjoy Kiki on the River for lunch, dinner and a lively weekend brunch. They are located at 450 NW North River Dr. Miami, FL 33128. Opa!