by Diana Rodriguez

It’s all in the family at The Spillover—sister restaurant to LoKal in Coconut Grove and Kush in Wynwood. Bringing you the same concept of keeping it local, the Spillover is now also introducing Hungries to their new favorite seafood eatery; all the while pairing dishes with ciders and meads.

The recently opened casual style restaurant also pays homage to TV personalities you would only recognize if you grew up in Miami. Like the Sabado Gigante TV host, Don Francisco, who is plastered on the wall of the women’s bathroom. ¡Que venga la modelo! Matt Kuscher, owner of all three, portrays Miami through the restaurant’s décor in surprising ways from his mom’s old cookbooks on the table to Spanish comics on the wall. Of course, you can’t miss the huge mural across the bar featuring newspapers from across different cities in South Florida.
In more ways than none, their menu is also repurposing dishes you have probably enjoyed before elsewhere but will soon become your favorites at the Spillover. For starters, the Heirloom Cauliflower—baked in a homemade buffalo sauce in the oven, and then topped with their very own blue cheese dressing with chives. The whole head of the cauliflower should probably be split, but given that it’s a vegetable, we think you can handle it. Or dig in and try the tri-colored, thick-cut Rustic Heirloom Tomato Salad. It is served with slices of feta cheese, cucumbers, watermelon, red onions, oregano, and mint.


The vegetable-focused menu is also prevalent on their Specials board. With over 10 different possible sides of vegetables, there’s a good chance you will be getting your recommended daily veggie serving from now on. What we recommend: Brussels sprouts with smoked bacon and onion marmalade, or the roasted mushrooms with balsamic vinaigrette, fresh chopped garlic salt, and pepper.


And you are wondering what we paired these sides with—none other than the revamped Pan con Minuta. The butterfly cut, fried snapper sandwich is going on my list of best sandwich for the summer. Layered with homemade fish dressing, cocktail sauce, dry slaw, diced red onion and tomato, you may find yourself even eating the whole tail hanging off the end of the soft challah bun.


Also on the menu—and highly recommended by wait staff—are the lamb meatballs and gator ribs. The BBQ Gator Ribs may have actually spilled over from the menu at LoKal, but that’s only for our benefit. And for our added pleasure, there is also an extensive selection of ciders and meads that pair wonderfully with the seafood dishes. With my snapper I had the Pollen-Nation, a hopped blackberry honey wine perfectly suited for a hot Miami evening.
The Spillover also serves sweets made from scratch. What we couldn’t get enough of Baby’s Guava Bread Pudding. Spoiler alert, you will eat this from a glass cup and lick the dripping whipped cream from the edges. From mom’s cookbook, the guava, and three milks dessert is sprinkled throughout with roasted pecans and chopped toffee. The caramel sauce and cherry top it off.
Pets are also welcome to dine (outside) and choose from the Dog Menu one of two: Meatball and Veggies or Chicken and Rice. Safe to say my Pomeranian ate every last rice grain from the bottom of his to-go box.

The Spillover is located on 2911 Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove.