By Diana Rodriguez

Whether or not you’re taking an extended lunch on Friday to watch Trump get sworn in, we know a place that will have its doors open right on time for the opening remarks. It’s the Big Easy Winebar & Grill located inside the newly opened Brickell City Centre. With flat screen TVs surrounding every side of their large bar, we just hope you can find a seat before Donald’s parade begins.


Bringing South Africa to Miami, the cuisine at Big Easy is filled with chili sauces, chutneys, smoky flavors and lots of spiced meats from their grill. We recommend you start with the Pork Belly “Popsicles” in case you plan on staying (or drinking) long. The pork belly is sweet and savory with a crunchy top and meaty center.

In case that vegan friend from the office tags along, make them happy with the Mini Cauliflower Samosas. Their center is a soft, roasted cauliflower mash paired with green chutney on the side. The crispy pastry is one for the win.

And since sharing is caring, check out the menu for sharable plates like the Mushroom Flatbread and Charcuterie Plank. Or share the Baby Iceberg Wedge salad with a friend because it’s served in half with marinated tomatoes, biltong bits, and a blue avocado-buttermilk ranch.


When the boss isn’t looking, take a gander over at the wine list. There are some enjoyable whites and reds; some even from Big Easy’s own winery. Our choice of Rose was from France; a cool refresher for the afternoon heat.


If you decide to keep your eyes closed, then you’ll have time to focus on the meat of the matter. From the chef’s selection, the double Colorado Lamb Chops dish is the way to go. The chef also uses the braai “bbq sauce” here (it’s in the pork belly, too), and cooks the lamb just right. Chef’s recommendation is a medium-red temperature.

Bacon makes its way on the menu several times, but we loved it in our Brussels sprouts. The edible buds are served in bacon marmalade. Drool. Makes for eating vegetables be real easy.

Before you know it, the inaugural balls will begin. You’ll be back at your desk (full belly). And Monday will come again.