Quinoa Sushi Rolls and Blue Crab Tacos

This Kraken is strong even when out of the sea. We like to keep things raw, but if your friend is tame, there are options for them, too!

By Diana Rodriguez

Name of Restaurant: Kraken Crudo
Location: Midtown
Address: 3509 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137
Meal type: Lunch & Dinner
Cuisine: Modern Floribbean

Ambiance: Casual like you can come in gym clothes, yet mood is right for date night

Background music: We couldn’t hear it over the clash of the Kraken!

What to wear: All styles are welcome, so if you’re coming off your shift, stay in your heels ladies or keep your sleeves rolled back guys. Leggings are cool with us.

What to expect: There is no myth behind Kraken Crudo—just great food and awesome vibes. The recently opened raw bar is a family operation that promises fresh flavors on your plate. BOYB or just enjoy a light drink while staring into the eyes of the 3D tentacles sprawled across the left wall.

The Menu: The guys at Kraken Crudo know how to roll with it, as does the entire middle section of the menu. What’s great about their sushi rolls is that you can opt for quinoa, or baby arugula instead of the traditional rice. Since that summer body isn’t ready yet, we say go for the quinoa! Then you’ll find raw and hot snacks, but also classic rolls and sashimi. Oh, and even salads if you’ve already packed that Speedo in your carry on.

What to order: Start the meal with the Blue Crab Tacos. The Nori shell is easy on the eyes and cracks with each bite of the blue crab with wakame, avocado, and tobiko (fish eggs, if you can’t Google). Everything is better in two’s so go ahead; order the Sailor Jerry and Eel Porn rolls. Meet Sailor Jerry, a kimchee salmon roll with chives, crab salad, steam shrimp, and avocado topped with aji amarillo and sweet soy sauce. We enjoyed the Eel Porn for its warm texture with the crab salad and bbq eel. Dessert is an easy choice. The Oreo Roll is dense and packed with sweet cream and a strawberry slice made to look like a sushi roll.

How to score a table: Reservations are accepted, but maybe just walk in and you’ll get lucky.