The best moments captured at our first Blurry Brunch of 2018 inside the Delano.

If you didn’t clear your calendar to join us this past Saturday, March 31st at The Hungry Post’s first Blurry Brunch of 2018, then we don’t know what you were doing. From daylight to dusk, Hungries had the opportunity to experience the ins and outs of the Delano, a classic Miami Beach hotel on Collins Ave.

We started off at the Rose Bar, champagne flutes in hand, because, I mean, there’s no other way to fire-up a Blurry Brunch. Followed by the main event at Leynia, Delano’s resident Argentinan and Japanese grill featuring a raw bar, sushi, homemade cereals, granola, cured meats, cheese, an outdoor parillada with grilled meats, pastries, and sweet bites.

But wait, there’s more! After a sophisticated and delicious brunch spread, some cigar rolling and an Aperol spritz, Hungries hung poolside, where the grass was greener at the outdoor bar with background tunes by DJ Hushmoney and DJ Cocca.

It wasn’t until 6 PM when DJ Andre Ferro of TuCandela came into the mix with his reaggeton grooves and kept it going until the wee hours of the night in the Doheny Room.

Here are some adorable pics of you and your friends.