Drinking Bourbon and Devouring some Fried Chicken 

By: Sarah Dunn

If anyone knows how to celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month properly, it’s the talented team at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar in South Beach. This week, they hosted an homage to Bourbon that featured five courses (six including dessert) with a creative cocktail pairing for each course. This was the perfect way to get into the “fall spirit” in Miami. Guests were greeted with a welcome cocktail and appetizers at the bar, and then we were seated with the Yardbird Charcuterie Butcher’s Roll which could have been a meal in itself, laid out across the table. The dishes and drinks were playfully presented and chosen with great passion and attention to detail. At the end, we were treated to Yardbird swag boxes filled with Bourbon branded gear.

Favorite dishes: The Suckling Pig Sliders were very tasty and fun trio and included a shot of Bourbon with a pickleback chaser. The tender pork on the sliders was delicious, and the slaw added a lot of flavor to the bite. We loved the Winner Winner Caviar and Fried Chicken Dinner, featuring Yardbird’s famous fried chicken. The caviar was a luxurious addition with a satisfying crème frâiche. By the fifth course, we almost didn’t have room for the “Filthy Shortrib Frites”, topped with black cherries, braised to perfection and melting in our mouths.  We couldn’t believe the “Mamas Biscuit and Foie Gras Shortcake”. We aren’t sure what we enjoyed more – the decadent foie gras or the signature biscuits.  The shortcake, covered in a tangy blackberry sauce, was an unforgettable combination of salty and sweet.

Takeaway: So much more than a dinner – a multidimensional experience that was thoroughly enjoyed by all! According to the management team, Yardbird will be hosting these dinners monthly, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.