Blurry Brunch at Amara at Paraiso

What you missed at our last Blurry Brunch


In light of all things pertaining to 2020 news, we’d like to add our own and walk you through our first Blurry Brunch of the season that took place at Amara at Paraiso on January 25th. Hungries joined us at 1 PM for a special brunch menu curated by yours truly, featuring oysters, fried queso, choripan, and more. Those that arrived between 1 PM- 3 PM started early with rose specials presented by La Fête du Rosé and happy hour cocktails. Reggaeton and other musical tunes by DJ Andre Ferro and Luis Cabrera carried throughout the day and into the night.


We hoped you didn’t miss it, it was, after all, the first event of the year. Better catch us in February!