A monthly food & beverage event by The Hungry Post

Your friends from out of town are coming to Miami next week and this is where you’re taking them…
They said they wanted to go to Tulum, checked their bank accounts and figured that if they could crash at your house, Miami was the smarter choice.
Luckily for them, you always have the best plans and are one step ahead of the game. Bring Tulum to the out of towners at The Hungry Post’s Sunset Party at Proyecto Tulum on Saturday, April 20th.
We’re starting the afternoon at this Wynwood pop-up at 3 PM. You have all day to get ready, so take advantage of the free entrance until 5 PM. Don’t eat before cause we’ve got tacos by La Santa, vegan tapas by Root n Seed, and Venezuelan snacks by La Latina. Mezcal and carajillos will be available for those looking for the full Mexican immersion. Our DJ line up is solid with sets by Pirate Stereo, Maure, Paul Dudamel, Cabrera, and Andre Ferro. See you real soon!

Date and time

Sat, April 20, 2019 - 3:00PM


270 Northwest 23rd Street, Miami, FL, USA