The First Padel Tournament by The Hungry Post

Thanks to Sipsmith, we hosted a sporty afternoon at Reserve Padel


The Hungry Post is hosting the first-ever Padel experience at Reserve Padel thanks to:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this year, you’re most likely aware of the padel phenomenon! Even if you haven’t picked up the sport just yet, we bet you’ve heard of it and even gone to watch a few matches here and there!

Sports fans, this event was for you! The Hungry Post hosted the first-ever padel tournament at Reserve Padel‘s waterfront VIP courts in Watson Island Park, near the MacArthur Causeway on Saturday, November 4th starting at 5 PM.

Whether you came as a padel player or as a spectator, this was the perfect event to meet, mingle, and connect with new friends who share similar interests when it comes to sports.

Hungries started to arrive at 5 PM for a fun and sporty afternoon. As players battled against each other, the rest enjoyed signature Sipsmith Gin cocktails and an exclusive Sipsmith Gin tasting experience while watching and cheering on fellow Hungries. Oh, and of course, all players joined in on the fun after!

The tournament was a round-robin. Sixteen players signed up as doubles for a total of eight pairs. Pairs were split into two courts and each pair played against everyone in their group. The top two advanced to the semifinals, and so on (you get the picture)! The tournament started at 5 PM and went on for 4 hours.

After the winner’s coronation, guests stayed for more Sipsmith cocktails and the best burgers by The Joyce. And of course, there was buena musiquita Latina played by our resident DJ’s Ricky Fernandez, Juan Diego Viteri and Rayan Alami.

This was our first-ever padel tournament and we seriously hope you didn’t miss this very special and different type of event!

Whether you came by to get in a little exercise on a Saturday afternoon or you just wanted to watch the game, mingle, drink, and eat, we were so happy to have you!

This is what went down at our sportiest event yet!

The First Padel Tournament by The Hungry Post