The Hungry Post Dining Club at Boia De

Thanks to Mastercard we hosted our second priceless dinner experience


The Hungry Post Dining Club at Boia De was presented by:

The Hungry Post Dining Club presented by Mastercard featured restaurants recognized by the Michelin Guide. This dinner series has been in the works for a long time, with the mission of bringing people together to create lasting memories.

Amidst the thriving Miami dining scene, our dinner club stands out for its unparalleled value, level of cooking, and access to restaurants that are not easy to get into. At $100 (all-inclusive), you’re dining at Miami’s hottest restaurants, featuring menus by our city’s most talented chefs. Every restaurant picked a cool theme for their one-night-only menu with never-before-seen dishes. Talk about a priceless experience.

The Hungry Post Dining Club at Boia De was a one-of-a-kind experience in partnership with Basil Hayden exclusive to Mastercard cardholders.

We also teamed up with DoorDash to offer DashPass holders an exclusive 50% promo code so that they could score a seat at these mind-blowing dinners at a steal!

We hosted the second dinner of this series at Boia De, The Hungry Post’s favorite modern Italian restaurant and Miami’s busiest restaurant to score a table. Since 2019, Boia De has consistently delivered some of the best food in Miami, earning Chefs Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer a Michelin star for a second year.

If you’ve driven past an unassuming strip mall in Little Haiti and seen a glowing pink exclamation point, you have found your destination.

Chefs Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer prepared an Italian-American dinner inspired by iconic mobster movies and TV shows. Dishes included garlic pigu puffs with prosciutto San Daniele; pasta fazool with cannellini bean and guanciale; and the most delicious bombolonis with guava and mascarpone.

Everyone who attended the dinner got a Mastercard & The Hungry Post Dining Club tote bag with Ladurée macaroons, a dinner series tee shirt highlighting all the restaurants, Basil Hayden pins, and a DoorDash water bottle. If you were a DashPass holder you also received an exclusive gift from the restaurant. DashPass holders took home Luci’s Chopped Salad dressing, pickled eggplants, and Boia’s pickles all packed in 3 mason jars that came in a cute Boia De wine tote.

Check out what went down  at this sold-out event!