10 Dishes for the Miami "Winter"

Like you need another reason to load up on carbs & feel tingly inside. 


It’s 70 degrees F in Miami and everyone is freaking out. Got to love our people, they’re taking out the boots with the fur (with the fur), wool scarfs and more. Hungries, whatever you do, leave those Ugs at home. Nobody wants to see them. Anyways, enough with the fashion advice, that’s not really our thing. Our thing is the food, and when the temperature drops we want comfort in every bite. We’re talking hardy soup, grilled cheeses and more.

Here’s what’s on our Miami “Winter” menu:

Craft Café
Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Drink: S’more Latte

Neighborhood: Coral Gables
Dish: Loaded Baked Potato

Angelina’s Cafe
Neighborhood: Midtown
Dish: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

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Glass & Vine
Neighborhood: Coconut Grove
Dish: Guava pancakes 

3 Chefs
Neighborhood: Brickell
Dish: Vietnamese Pho

Neighborhood: Multiple locations
Dish: Argentinian picanha

Neighborhood: Coral Gables
Dish: Lasagna (only available on the first Wednesday of every month)

The Spillover
Neighborhood: Coconut Grove
Dish: Lobster Mac n’ Cheese (only available on Tuesday)

Joe’s Stone Crab
Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Dish: Stone crab bisque

Casa Tua Cucina
Neighborhood: Brickell (inside Saks at Brickell City Centre)
Dish: Carbonara pasta