A new attic bar in Downtown Miami

Decadent drinks topped with fruit caviar & infused with wasabi sake


Bar La Real is the new attic bar in Downtown Miami.

The creators of Wynwood’s El Patio and Mayami, have opened the doors to Bar La Real. Located in the attic of the historic post office building in Downtown Miami, Bar La Real is as sleek as it is, mysterious. We think it will help set the mood for a decadent night out.

Throughout the dimly lit space, you will find the incorporation of peacocks on the wall symbolizing the regal beauty of Bar La Real.


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You’ll be able to drink, dance, and speak sweet nothings in someone’s ear. 

Stop by for a royal cocktail experience. Their signature drinks include a gin-based elixir infused with wasabi sake as well as classics like an old-fashioned. All topped with fruit caviars. A signature mojito and a gin and tonic will also be available on the menu. For those looking for something on rocks or neat, check out their Licores menu. It includes single malt scotch, Japanese whiskey, scotch, bourbon, tequila, mezcal, vodka, gin, rum, and cognac. 

La Real will focus on Latin music programming. It will combine themed nights with ranging genres of music. 


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The team behind Bar La Real will also bring five new concepts to the historic post office building in Downtown. Coming soon and under the name of Republic Entertainment Bureau., expect a lobby bar, a taqueria called Cabrón Taqueria Barrio Bajera, Cabrón Basement, Nomada Drinkery Bazaar, and more. 

Bar La Real is currently open from Thursday through Saturday, from 10 PM to 5 AM. Click HERE to see the full menu. 


Updated September 19th, 2021