Dave Grutman’s new brunch spot

A retro diner on Alton Road


Dave Grutman’s retro diner serves brunch & decadent deli dishes.

Looking for your next SUPER Miami brunch spot? Dave Grutman and Groot Hospitality have opened Winker’s, a new retro diner with Art Deco vibes named after his one-eyed cat. Located on Alton Road, this nostalgic spot will make you feel like you’re on the set of Grease. Slurping on a strawberry milkshake at Frosty Palace. Nevertheless, you’re actually in Miami Beach. So no need for the poodle skirts.

There’s enough room for big groups at the booths. But the prime seat is at the bar. The place to catch all the action. We dare to even strike up a conversation with our neighbor. Maybe they’ve seen Grease. We’ll break the ice with that. But you’re not here to listen to us ramble about this cheesy ’50s musical. You’re here for brunch.


The menu centers around comfort food. Featuring classics like the double smash burger with American cheese and bacon. Undoubtedly, Winnker’s also covers deli-style sandwiches and all-day breakfast. However, the sandwiches promise to be upgraded versions. Think triple-decker club sandwich, French onion grilled cheese, and David’s pastrami with deli mustard and a half-sour pickle. If you’re craving something with eggs, how about the waffle rancheros or thick-cut bacon benedict? One of you is going to want something on the sweet side. You know who you are. Just order the cookies and cream pancakes.

If that’s not enough sugar. Go with one of the old-school desserts. These over-the-top desserts include banana pudding, Italian rainbow cookie cake, and milkshakes in custom flavors such as key lime and orange creamsicle.

Winker’s serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM- 4 PM. You can also stop by for dinner on any given night. They’re open until 11 PM from Sunday – Thursday and until 4 AM from Friday – Saturday. For more information click HERE.


Updated September 5th, 2021