Our top 5 arepas in Miami

Finding the best arepas thanks to our friends at Harina P.A.N


We have found the top 5 arepas in Miami. The restaurants mentioned below have been hand-selected by The Hungry Post and are presented by:

Our official ‘arepa duties’ began in September. We embarked on a month-long quest to find the best arepas in Miami made with Harina P.A.N. Our journey took us to both well-known establishments and hidden gems, some of which were suggested by you.

We tried over 50 arepas from 17 different restaurants throughout the tour. To help us in our decision-making process, we’ve assembled a panel of three esteemed judges.

From The Hungry Post team, we’ve enlisted content creators Gaby Valdano from Ecuador, Emi Hellebrand from Venezuela, and Puerto Rican culinary expert Jose Mendin, chef and owner of Pubbelly SushiCasa Isola, and more.

Before you come at us, here are some things you should know about our top 5 arepas in Miami.

Our arepa tour lasted a little over a month. The mission was to try as many Venezuelan-style arepas made with Harina P.A.N.

At each restaurant, we tried three arepas: La Viuda (just the arepa without any fillings), La Reina Pepiada which literally translates to ‘polka-dotted queen’, named after a Venezuelan beauty queen. This popular arepa has avocado, shredded chicken, and mayo. And lastly, we ordered each restaurant’s arepa specialty. 

When picking our favorite arepa, we considered what made an arepa great: filling (combination of flavors), texture (the crunchiness of an arepa), size/shape, thickness, and creative factor. The decision of our top 5 was completely up to us. Nobody influenced our decision. 

Oh and when talking about arepas, se habla en Spanglish.

Our honorable mentions:


Neighborhood: Wynwood
Address: 169 NW 36th St
Arepa Bar offered arepas with a nice crunch and a delicious filling. It was the last stop of the day but they were so good it didn’t stop us from eating the whole thing. Mix it up with the pollo mechado, that’s shredded chicken.


Neighborhood: Hialeah
Address: 2085 W 76th St
Mr. Cachapa’s arepa were “gorditas”, “compactas” and “divinas”. Our favorites were the Reina Pepiada (chicken and avocado salad) and the Pelua (carne mechada with gouda cheese) recommended by our audience.


Neighborhood: Doral
Address: 10722 NW 74th St
At Sabor Venezolano located in Doral, the arepa with carne mechada and cheese is a must. These were nice and ‘tostaditas’.

Our Top 5 Arepas in Miami:


Neighborhood: Doral
Address: 10701 NW 58th St
Pepito Arepa’s Bar, located inside a gas station in Doral, served a crunchy grilled arepa with incredible fillings, especially the Doralzuela (steak, pico de gallo, queso llanero, and a homemade green sauce) and the Reina Pepiada.


Neighborhood: Key Biscayne 
Address: 10701 NW 58th StWe headed into Key Biscayne for two spots which we really loved and honestly didn’t expect. The first stop made it on our top 5 list thanks to a delicious pork arepa. We’re talking about the rustic-looking Artisan Kitchen and Bar. The arepas here are grilled and then baked which made a big difference in taste and texture. Truly delicious! Our favorite arepa was the Pork Shoulder Arepa with tomato and avocado. The pork was juicy and finger-licking good.


Neighborhood: Midtown 
Address: 3509 NE 2nd AveLa Latina, our favorite arepa stop in Midtown especially when we are looking for late-night eats or when we want to nurse our hangover. This time we stopped by in broad daylight and we can’t help but admire the beautiful floral wallpaper that was an excellent backdrop to our videos. The arepas at La Latina are thin and crispy. We love their La Latina Arepa with gouda, bacon, & avocado. If you want some mini arepas, we recommend their Boliarepas with a side of nata. Oh and a fun fact, you can now visit La Latina at their second location in Downtown’s newest food hall Julia & Henry’s.


Neighborhood: Kendall 
Address: 10720 SW 113th PlWe stopped by Arepa Point in Kendall (they also have a location in Doral) which left us delighted with its crunchy and thin steak arepa. It was our first stop of the day and frankly, we were unbothered by the fact that we were eating a steak arepa at 10 AM. Yes, it was that good.

1. Las Arepas de Maria

Neighborhood: Doral 
Address: 7478 NW 55th StWe came back to Doral at night for Las Arepa’s de Maria which opens at 7 PM. It’s a small cart with the best arepas we’ve ever had. “Bien caseritas”, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Our favorite was La Colegiala which was the arepa Maria had when she was growing up. It came with salty shredded cheese, Mortadella, and a Dibalito and cheese whiz Venezolano sauce.

Finding the best arepas in Miami