Finding the best croquetas in Miami

We're going on a month long croqueta search in partnership with Doordash


We’re on a mission to find the best croquetas in Miami. The restaurants mentioned below have been hand-selected by The Hungry Post and are presented by:

Our official “croqueta duties” start on September 6, 2022. We have exactly one month to find the best of the best croqueticas in Miami. We’ll be venturing off to those spots that are on our radar and those recommended by you.

Our goal is to try at least 20 different restaurants throughout the tour. To help us with the selection process, we have enlisted the help of three judges. From The Hungry Post team, we have co-founder Andrea Becerracontributing writer Diana Rodriguez, and the talented Chef Renata Ferraro of Flour and Weirdoughs.

Together, they have determined the “croqueta criteria”. In other words, what makes a croqueta delicious, and what makes it stand out? We’ll elaborate more as we go but for now, we’ll be looking out for grease levelfillingtexturesize/shapepresentationsalsita/sauce pairing, and creativity.

Based on the recommendations received below via Instagram, the judges will also map out the must-try locations to visit. However, if you know Miami, then you know the traffic is real. Thanks to our friends at DoorDash, we get to cover more restaurants and croqueticas from the comfort of our casita.

At the end of the month, the three judges will announce their top croquetas. We’ll also be updating this write-up with our findings.

BRB, going to loosen the buttons on our pants, for this croqueta journey.

So far, here are the croquetas that we like and that we think you should try. Please note that at the end of our search, we’ll let you know our top picks.

Vicky Bakery

Neighborhood: Hialeah
Address:445 E 49th St
Cuisine: Cuban
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We went to Hialeah where the air smells different. It smells like croqueticas. Just kidding but not really if you’re standing outside of the original Vicky Bakery. It smells like “fritura”, and that’s great news if you’re looking for crispy fried croqueticas. We feel like we are in the 80s when stepping into this iconic bakery. Since 1972, this family business has been baking pastelitos and more Cuban pastries with recipes that have been passed down from generations. Order the ham croquetas, they’re seasoned well, and crispy; and we love how you can taste the white pepper.

Trigo Cafe

Neighborhood: Hialeah
Address: 839 W 49th St
Cuisine: Cuban

Next on our list was Trigo Café located in Hialeah. This cute cafecito shop is the perfect place to stop by for a coffee break and sit at the bar. They sell two different styles of croquetas which brings us to the never-ending debate of Cuban versus Spanish croquetas. At Trigo they sell Islas Canarias Croquetas so we opted to try the Spanish-style croquetas. We tried the jamón serrano as well as the manchego. We’re fans of both and on this journey, we’re mostly trying Cuban croquetas so the bechamel and creaminess of these was a nice change.

Masa Craft Kitchen at MIA Beer

Neighborhood: Doral
Address: 10400 NW 33rd St #150
Cuisine: Cuban

We then headed to Doral for a very different croqueta experience recommended by one of our followers on Instagram. This one included a nice cold beer which was a nice change to the usual ventanita. Masa Craft is the kitchen that operates MIA Beer. They have several croqueta flavors that are all homemade. The day we went they had run out of the Spanish Chorizo Cantimpalo with smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, and a side of house-made roasted garlic sauce so we’ll be back. We did try the ham croquetas with bacon & Gouda with a spicy guava sauce. And although we’re usually not into guava sauce, these two paired perfectly together. We also really loved the bacalao, with bechamel and a Housemade tangy WOO! Sauce. These were overall fun & had delicious flavor combinations!

Tinta y Cafe

Neighborhood: Coral Gables
Address: 1315 Ponce de Leon
Cuisine: Cuban


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Adding to our list this week is a top contender that blew our minds. Tinta y Cafe is a modern coffee house with a location in Coral Gables and Miami Shores. If you care about Michelin accolades, this year they received a Bib Gourmand!

We tried the bacalo, spinach, and ham croquetas. Holy sh*t! We’re obsessed with these croquetas. Our favorite was the ham but damn the spinach was really good too. Their croquetas are homemade and the recipe is top secret!

You can tell the ingredients are top-notch. Our chef judge Renata Ferraro guessed that they use some sort of Serrano ham where the filling of  the croquetas is not grounded, but shredded. An educated guess— of course! Have you tried these?! Better get to it.

Islas Canarias

Neighborhood: West Kendall
Address: 3804 SW 137th Ave
Cuisine: Cuban
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It’s no surprise that Islas Canarias has made our croqueta list. We’ve always been a fan of this Miami institution located in West Kendall.

On average they make about 10K croquetas a day. The family recipe has always been kept secret and has been handed down for three generations.

Our favorite part of Islas’ croqueta, is the herb-forward filling. They use fresh ingredients and a lengthy process to create these beauties. If you’re craving croquetas from Islas Canarias, Pikadyio sells them via DoorDash. A necessary life hack when your craving is real but you won’t be moving from the couch.


Neighborhood: Calle Ocho
Address: 3555 SW 8th St
Cuisine: Cuban
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We stopped by the iconic Versailles. It’s for locals as much as it is for tourists and has been around since 1971. If you’re feeling chatty, strike up a conversation with a stranger. Will it get political? Of course, it will but at least there’s cortadito.  As far as croquetas go, they have bacalo, jamón, and chicken. Surprisingly, our favorite was the chicken. It was crispy and seasoned well.

Luis Gallindo Latin American Restaurant Cafeteria #2

Neighborhood: Kendall
Address: 10700 SW 24th St
Cuisine: Cuban
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So the name is a little confusing. Some may know it as Luis Galindo, others as Latin American Restaurant Cafeteria #2. Either way, we don’t really care because the croquetas are handmade and the service is up to par. Grab a seat at their outdoor bar. If you’re ordering food, you’ll receive Cuban bread with butter as a courtesy. Also, if you’re looking to have a full meal here, try the Cuban sandwich. Chef Renata Ferraro of Flour & Weirdoughs says it’s the second best Cuban sandwich she’s ever had.

Dos Croquetas 

Neighborhood: Kendall
Address: 10505 SW 40th St
Cuisine: Cuban
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If your abuelita is hip and with the times, she’s going to love Dos Croquetas. A croqueta bar created for millennials and generation Z ready to pull out their phones and document the whole experience on IG and TikTok. 

The menu includes the original ham croqueta as well as wild flavors like Bacon & Goat Cheese and Mexican Street Corn. Looking for a sandwich, arepa, or wrap that comes with croquetas? They have a whole section of these and the newest addition is the 305 Daddy made with toasted Media Noche bread stuffed with the 305 croquetas, bacon, queso frito, guava sauce, sweet dalé slaw & papitas.

If you want to try their different flavors we recommend getting a Croqueta Flight™ of 6 or 12. Our favorites include the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Chicken and the Media Noche croqueta. We promise that if you close your eyes, and take a bite, you’ll think you’re eating an actual Media Noche sandwich. 

El Floridita  

Neighborhood: Kendall
Address: 8399 SW 40th St
Cuisine: Cuban Seafood

Our croqueta journey is mainly about the jamoncito however, we stopped by El Floridita, a seafood restaurant with Cuban and Spanish influence. You can have a full sit-down meal that includes a minuta sandwich, seafood paella, and fried whole fish. But for this time, we poked our heads into the outdoor ventanita for their homemade fish croquetas. And let’s just say these our 100% worth mentioning and delicious.

Finding the best croquetas in Miami