Gluttonomy launches Lengua

The annual Food Conference that Miami needed


Gluttonomy is proud to announce the successful launch of Lengua. The food marketing conference happened on April 30th at Miami Ironside. It was co-produced with Fine Dining Lovers and sponsored by S.Pellegrino, Estrella Damm and Sauce.

The event, focused on Innovation in Food Marketing, included four main topics: innovation, restaurant marketing, sustainability as a brand value, and tech and NFTs as marketing tools. The talks featured well-known speakers such as Lara Gilmore (president Food for Soul and co-owner of Osteria Francescana in Italy), Chef Mauro Colagreco (Restaurant Mirazur, France), Vaughn Tan (Innovation author), Auston Bunsen (QuickNode co-founder), and many others.

Guillermo Ramirez, Creative Director at Gluttonomy, mentioned that since day one, Gluttonomy has wanted to create a space where food industry professionals and enthusiasts can share knowledge, learn from experts, meet each other, and contribute to the growth of Miami’s culinary scene and industry.

On April 30th, that idea came to life and Lengua became the only conference where Food Marketing is discussed looking into the future, and where food industry professionals and marketers can learn how to leverage their products and brands for what’s to come.

From a design perspective, the fresh and modern Lengua visuals, created by Guillermo Ramirez, transmit the philosophy of the conference, that wants tio attract food & beverage professionals, but also culinary students and young entrepreneurs. When we asked Guillermo why the conference is called Lengua (tongue in Spanish), he suggested that we use our tongues to talk, but also to taste food, and that is what Lengua is about.


“I start by saying that the event was fantastic. This is exactly the type of events that Miami needs and the city I want to live in”. Daniel Pena, food industry professional

“The restaurant industry is changing, it’s not just about restaurants anymore; it’s about purpose, about missions, it’s about changing communities, It’s about bringing up the next generation.” Lara Gilmore, president Food for Soul

“It was so so awesome. I think Lengua was such a refreshing conference and I came away inspired!” Auston Bunsen, QuickNode co-founder

“It’s amazing for the community, for us in the industry, but also to meet other chefs and network.” Chef Jose Luis Chavez. Mission Ceviche.


Gluttonomy launches Lengua, the annual Food Conference that Miami needed