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Address:313 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33127, USA

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If you want to surprise someone with dinner or celebrate a special occasion, then you need to get to Hiden, a hidden omakase concept located in Wnywood. This is the type of spot that takes some planning. The restaurant only sits 8 guests at a time and they are pretty much at full capacity a month in. We don’t recommend waiting, so do yourself a favor, and make your reservation online here. Let your friend or lover know that he or she means so much that you’ve been calendared for this fine dining experience with loads of anticipation…

If you ask us where it is, we’ll start by giving you the address to The Taco Stand, a California bred Mexican concept that has several locations (one being in Miami). Turns out that Hiden can only be accessed by entering The Taco Stand and heading straight for what looks like a dark wooden back door at the end of the restaurant. Don’t be fooled and just follow a neon red sign that says “Bar Principal”.  To the right of the door is a lock box mounted on the wall where you will enter the customized code granted to you when you made your reservation via Tock.  The code activates 10 minutes before your reservation and deactivates 15 minutes after your reservation time. So if you’re 16 minutes late, you won’t make it.

Your exclusive Omakase dinner experience will keep the belly satisfied but we wouldn’t discourage picking up a carne asada quesadilla for the road on your way out.

What to wear: Keep it classy, you’re in the presence of some the most beautiful seafood, Miami can get their hands on. A button-down shirt for the guys, and something chic for the girls. Bring a sweater, cause it gets chilly or heat up with some Sake (if a sweater will kill the outfit).

What to expect: Hiden is for those that won’t ask questions or substitutions, for those nigiri and beyond lovers that will eat anything placed in front of them. This chef’s choice menu is comprised of both hot and cold dishes. Expect everything from oysters, sashimi to soups and Wagyu beef. There are 2 seating. One starts at 7 pm, while the other begins at 10 PM.

What to order: Omakase means Chef’s choice, so sit back and relax. Menu changes daily to highlight fresh ingredients, so be up for something new every time.