Hungry Posted: Stubborn Seed (Brunch)

A sweet and savory Sunday brunch


Hungry Posted: Stubborn Seed (Brunch Edition)

Location:Miami Beach

Address:101 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Meal Type
Brunch, Dinner

American, Southern


We’re not here to judge, but… if you pick from both then you’re our kind of people. At Stubborn Seed, that is just the beginning of what you will find on their Sunday Brunch menu.

By: Diana Rodriguez 

What to expect: The interior of Stubborn Seed blends industrial with modern. There are accents of berry red and mustard yellow. At the same time, steel pipes are used as handrails above the wooden panels encasing the dining area. The other half of the room allots for a fully stocked bar.

The Menu: Because some people believe dessert should be eaten first… Sweets cover the top half of the menu while the bottom half includes all the Savory dishes. Some can be shared, like the 18-minute biscuits, and others like the Chai Waffles, umm, we wouldn’t share.

What to order: Not to brag, but we tried the entire brunch menu. Okay, we’re bragging. These are the must-haves.

Buttermilk Pancakes: Candied pecans and Vermont butter. That’s all it takes to make ridiculously delicious pancakes. It helps that the batter makes thin and fluffy pancakes, too. Order these if you are getting the biscuits and one other savory dish.

Ricotta: To the untrained eye, this looks like a great starter for the table. Hungries know that charred sourdough, sliced thick, with a citrus marmalade over creamy ricotta is enough for one.

Smoked Tennessee Pork Belly: This is NOT your mom’s lechon. We mean it; mom is not getting one bite of this. Tender pork belly meat shreds under the crispy skin (sorry, not sorry, vegans). Sits well on the plate with a lightly fried farm egg and leafy greens in a truffle lemon vinaigrette.

Cinnamon Bun: Because why not. This sticky bun is presented inside a small copper saucepan and covered in a blanket of vanilla glaze. Brown sugar and dates are likely to be found in the thick jam spooned right on top.

Off the menu: With a seasonal menu, always expect a little variety. At Stubborn Seed, off the menu might happen more than you know.

How to score a table: It’s no secret that Chef Jeremy Ford is the winner of Bravo’s Top Chef Season 13. So… make reservations online, email, or call them up at 786-322-5211.