Iconic Italian American Restaurants in Miami

Where to drink, eat, and talk about The Sopranos

There is nothing quite like watching “The Sopranos” and eating at the most iconic Italian American Restaurants in Miami.

A tv phenomenon that you can spend days deciphering. As a result, you can write an in-depth psychological analysis of Tony Soprano. Dissertations on Carmela’s evolving fashion. Examine repeated generational patterns between parents and their kids. And catch the subtle hints that foreshadow Tony’s ultimate fate.

What makes it so compelling? This is a masterpiece about the human condition. It focuses on the quotidian life in the suburbs. Clearly a self-reflection of the blessed American individual that still finds a way to complain about everything. 

In light of the 2021 October release of “The Many Saints of Newark”, the prequel film to “The Sopranos”, we rewatched the series.

We were captivated by overlooked details and themes that expose the enormous depth of those that inhabit the universe. Truly seeing the most revolting to the most humble parts of ourselves in every character.

Food, like everything else in “The Sopranos”, is a powerful storytelling device. Uniting or divides characters, evoking nostalgia, anxiety, and even triggering panic attacks. In Italian culture, the only thing that is equally as important as family is food. For this reason, explosive dinner scenes at Nuovo Vesuvio and cooking Sunday Gravy are the backdrop of the show.

If someone isn’t talking about food, they’re passing out from it.

The unique power to nurture but also muster childhood trauma has a profound effect on all the characters. And it’s far too familiar for those glued to the TV. 

We know you’re not here for a review of “The Many Saints of Newark”. So to keep it short, we have to say that there’s not nearly enough food in the movie. Your time will be better spent re-living the six seasons of “The Sopranos”. And dissecting the enthralling episodes over red sauce, subs, and cocktails.

Here is a guide of Italian American restaurants in Miami, perfect for when chatting about “The Sopranos”. Salute!


Cuisine: Italian American
Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Address: 1418 20th St
What you’re getting: Pane al prosciutto, polent ai funghi, rigatoni alla vodka, Sunday Sauce.

“Its what my old man would have called a Wonder Bread wop. He eats his Sunday gravy out of a jar.” 

One of our favorite Italian American restaurants in Miami is Casa Isola. You’ll need a nap after this meal. But it will be a glorious one. We can’t talk about Sunday Gravy (or Sunday Sauce) without mentioning Casa Isola. Chef Jose Mendin and Chef Santo Agnello’s take on this classic red sauce dish will blow your mind.


Cuisine: Italian American
Neighborhood: Coral Gables | Pinecrest
Address: 5755 Bird Rd | 9515 S Dixie Hwy
What you’re getting: Baked ziti, rigatoni bolognese, Godfather Brooklyn style pie.

“So what, no f*ckin’ ziti, now?” 

Every dish on the Apizza Brooklyn menu is a familiar warm and cozy hug. It’s a straightforward neighborhood restaurant that is always consistent and doesn’t try to be something that it’s not. Oh, and they are serving ziti.


Cuisine: Italian
Neighborhood: Coral Gables | Midtown
Address: 117 Miracle Mile | 3451 NE 1st Ave #104
What you’re getting: Mortadella, Breasola, Gabagool (duh.), Crucolo cheese and a nice chunk of Parm.

“All this from a slice of gabagool?”

Ever since Epicure on Alton Road closed, looking for a replacement with decent cold cuts has been a pain. Salumeria 104 is an underutilized resource. Not enough people take advantage of their market. They have a great product rotation in their restaurant alone. Which means that what they’re slicing for you is always fresh. You can get a nice selection so you can “anxiety eat” while standing in front of the refrigerator with your bathrobe on.


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Cuisine: Deli
Neighborhood: Kendall
Address: 9216 SW 156th St
What you’re getting: Any homemade sausage, steaks for BBQ, Reuben sandwich.

“Lady loves her meat”

House-made sausages, in-house smoked meats, and a sandwich menu to choose from. You can also pick up everything for your Sunday BBQ here. And have a panic attack while the sausages are on the grill.


Cuisine: Italian
Neighborhood: Overtown
Address: 1035 N Miami Ave
What you’re getting: Pepperoni slice, spicy Cesar salad.

“Don’t disrespect the pizza parlor!”

A welcomed new addition to our fair city. The pies are so good, they make you feel like they’ve been around for at least three generations. All the pizzas are done with the utmost care and the toppings are always on point. No flop on the slice here.


Cuisine: Italian
Neighborhood: Little River
Address: 860 NE 79th St B
What you’re getting: Porchetta, N’duja.

“Gimme gabagool, provolone, and vinegar peppers”

Sandwiches are so easy to f*ck up but BOTTA is always on point. The bread and ingredient quality is always there. The sandwich combinations are well thought out and balanced. You can go here no matter how much life is sucking or if your enemies have put a price on your head.


Cuisine: Italian
Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Address: 414 71st St
What you’re getting: Osso buco, pasta aglio e olio, calamari, gin martini.

“This is Quail Alla Bucco”

We couldn’t do a list of Italian American restaurants in Miami and not include Cafe Prima Pasta. This place has been around forever. It has old-school vibes aligned with the hundreds of celebrity pictures lining up the walls to prove it. Try to walk in on a weekend night and you will be waiting at the bar. but that’s ok because they make one of the finest martinis in town. There’s always a rotation of specials recited by the waiter, but you always get the same thing.


Cuisine: Cocktail Bar
Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Address: 1120 Collins Ave
What you’re getting: Either a beer and a shot or something fruity.

“We’re with the vipers!”

Swizzle is great because it starts off with a relaxed ambiance. And gets livelier after midnight when all the cooks and servers start clocking out from their long shifts. Stiff drinks to the face and a good music selection ensure you’re going to have a great time making new and interesting friends that you would otherwise never cross paths with.


Cuisine: Italian
Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Address: 820 Alton Rd
What you’re getting: GNOCCO FRITO, the antipasto plate, veal parm.

“Artie, you been to this ‘Da Giovani’ up by Troy Hills?”

An institution by now, Macchialina runs like a well-oiled machine. Every damn time you sit there you are in for a fantastic experience. It is an exciting and dynamic place where everyone makes you feel at home. The wine menu has fun and interesting selections with something for everyone.


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