Our first-ever holiday survival kit 

The Hungry Post Coquito Kit in partnership with Zacapa


Our first-ever holiday survival kit is in partnership with:


The Hungry Post is taking care of you this holiday season. Sure, things might seem peachier than usual with Mi Burrito Sabanero playing in the background. But you know how the fam likes to stir things up when you’re all together under one turf.

When the tension is high, The Hungry Post Coquito Kit will come in hand. This year shut down the haters and keep everyone calmaditos with our limited edition coquito holiday survival kit.

What is coquito?! Think eggnog, but more tropical. This creamy Puerto Rican holiday cocktail made with coconut milk and rum has become synonymous with Miami’s winter seasons. Our coquito kit in partnership with Zacapa includes ingredients for four guests to enjoy at a time.

It’s the perfect gift to sip with friends, at an office holiday gathering, or when crashing a party.


  • Four 50ml bottles of Zacapa Rum
  • Condensed milk to make it sweet
  • Coconut milk to add some tropical flavor
  • Evaporated milk to make it creamy
  • Blend of cinnamon and nutmeg spices
  • Vanilla extract 
  • Four milk bottles to serve coquito
  • Four paper straws

We recommend you mix all the ingredients and chill it in the fridge for 2 hours. Drink it and forget about who was pushing your buttons.

The Hungry Post Coquito Kit is available exclusively online at Vinya, Miami’s premier wine & spirits retailer. You can purchase The Hungry Post Coquito Kit HERE.


Our first-ever holiday survival kit