Pizza Party at Home by Il Maestro Pizzaiolo

A Neapolitan style pizza experience


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Dinner, Lunch

Italian, Pizza


For those that love pizza and want to keep the party at home.

Il Maestro Pizzaiolo was born during COVID-19 by duo Vito Sardone and Kriselle Hadad. Their concept is simple: provide authentic Neapolitan style pizza with a twist for your family and friends. All you need is a group of at least 12 pizza lovers, outdoor space and they’ll throw you a pizza party with local and Italian sourced ingredients. Everything is handmade and, “fatte con amore”. It’s more than a pizza and calzoni catering company. It’s an experience with amore in every bite.


Vito and Kriselle set up their 10 x 10 tent in your backyard or patio. They bring everything from the Ooni pizza oven, tables with wooden pizza displays, cutlery, plates and all the ingredients. The only thing you have to bring are the vinos or any other drinks you’d like. We recommend something sparkling or spritz-y. The set-up takes about 20 to 30 minutes so just sit back and relax cause you’re in for a real treat.


Vito and Kriselle are native Venezuelans. Their process is traditionally Italian but they definitely have fun with their choice of ingredients. Their menu also draws inspiration from Krisselle’s Lebanese ancestry and Vito’s Italian background. Their prep-work begins prior to arriving at your home. It takes them two days to ferment the pizza dough and prepare some of their spreads and sauces. You’ll get it once you try their crust and flavors. We’re obsessed with good olive oil so we have to shout out the one they use. It’s an organic extra virgin olive oil from Coratina variety by Anatomico.


We like a little green when talking pizza. Start off your pizza party with The Fennel Salad and Burratini.

The fennel salad comes with orange, kalamata olives, olive oil, salt, pepper.

The burratina comes with arugula, prosciutto, cherry tomato, finished with olive oil and balsamic.

Don’t skip their focaccia with roasted pistachio, olive oil, stracciatella and burratina spread plus their za’atar focaccia.

As far as pizza go, all of them cook in 60 seconds in the Ooni oven.  Start off with the Regina Margherita with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella de buffala and basil.

Up next is the  Bianca Tartufata with Funghi Misti White Sauce, fresh mozzarella, truffled and sauteed mushrooms plus microgreens.

Our favorite was the Burrata e Mortadella pizza and calzoni with San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, pistachio, and mortadella.

We know you want dessert. Get the Nutella pizza and the ricotta and Nutella calzoni.


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As we mentioned before, Il Maestro Pizzaiolo was born during COVID-19. They always wear gloves and masks while creating an outdoor experience where you feel safe and well-fed.