The 2023 Miami Spice Lunch Guide

The three-course menus we'd expense for work or treat ourselves


This is our 2023 Miami Spice lunch guide. 

If you want to take a long lunch with your co-workers, client, or friends, this is the best time to save a little money and try some new restaurants. From August 1st- September 31st, Miami Spice is taking over certain restaurants and offering $30 or $35 three-course lunch menus. It’s time to bring back your lunch break! No more sitting at your desk and eating from a Tupperware. You’re going out and disconnecting for at least an hour.

After going through the roster of restaurants that are offering Miami Spice menus for lunch, these are the ones that we think will be worth your time and that you expense.

Until September 30th, local Miami restaurants will feature 3-course meals for either lunch, brunch, or dinner at a steal. At just $30 or $35 for lunch$30 or $35 for brunch, and $45 or $60 for dinner, you can hop around Miami trying out the spots that have been on your list. 



Neighborhood: South Beach
Address: 864 Commerce St
Cuisine: Televivian, Mediterranean
Miami Spice availability: $30 Lunch Monday to Thursday; $35 lunch Friday and Saturday; $45 dinner Monday to Thursday; $60 dinner Friday and Saturday; Sunday brunch
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View menu: HERE

Abbale is a family-run gem that will make you feel like you’re at a cozy cafe in Tel Aviv, minus the jet lag.

If you work from home, you’re going to want to stop by during the week. If the beach is too far from your office, stop by for Saturday lunch. The menu highlights Israeli, Turkish, and Greek flavors. As far as appetizers go, we’d get the Holy Grail tahini with grated tomato, green harissa, the Babaganoush with coriander, olive oil, citrus, and smoked sea salt; or the Labneh with olive oil, za’atar, and sea salt. As an entree, we’d get the Shakshuka served with a Jerusalem bagel or the  Lamb Kefta Arayes, the Israeli version of a burger. Think delicious kefta meat stuffed in pita paired with a garlic sauce for dipping and zaatar chips. For dessert, go for their Pistachio Gelato with baklava crumble or the Seasonal Sorbet.


Neighborhood: Allapattah
Address: 1100 NW 23rd St
Cuisine: Spanish, Basque
Miami Spice availability: Lunch Wednesday to Sunday; dinner Wednesday to Sunday.
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Located inside the Rubell Museum, Leku is an innovative Spanish restaurant focusing on Basque dishes with a modern twist. This is the second year LEKU is participating in Miami Spice. You’re going to want to run for a chance to have some of the best Spanish dishes in the most amazing garden patio setting.

The culinary dream team led by Executive Chef/Partner Mikel Goikolea and Chef de Cuisine Esteban Martinez have created a Miami Spice lunch menu that will really help you seal the deal when meeting with clients. It’s a great spot when you want to impress the person sitting in front of you. Whether it’s romantic or business, LEKU works for both types of occasions.

Start your meal with the Snapper Crudo. Thin slices of snapper are hanging out with piparras and green olives in a marinade so good, you’ll be tempted to take a swim in it. Or, if you’re ready for a seaside escapade on a plate, the Mussels Cauldron will sweep you away with saffron sauce and a side of crispy fries.

For your entrée, get ready to meet the Short Rib Sliders. Picture tender short rib served in milk bun sliders. Feeling daring? Set sail with the Bacalao Confitado con Acelgas – a cod confit served with Swiss chard and a chive pil pil.

But don’t drop your fork just yet – because Chocolate Three Ways is about to take your sweet tooth on a wild ride. Imagine white chocolate mousse, burnt white chocolate rocks for texture, carrot and orange sauce, and dark chocolate gummies.


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Neighborhood: Overtown
Address: 920 NW 2nd Ave
Cuisine: American, Southern
Miami Spice availability: Lunch Tuesday to Friday; dinner Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday
Book your table: HERE
View menu: HERE

Located in the heart of Overtown, Red Rooster is your ticket to Southern comfort food with a twist.

Start your meal with the Rooster Caesar Salad – fresh, crunchy, and dressed to impress, Now, hold on to your napkins because the entrees are about to steal the show! The Overtown Bacon Cheeseburger is a 4 oz. Wagyu beef burger that’s basically a beefy superstar on a brioche stage, rocking bacon onion jam, queso, and a sidekick of golden French fries. Or the RR Chicken Sandwich, fried or grilled chicken thigh, served on a brioche bun, with lettuce and RR White BBQ Sauce, also served with fries For dessert try 2 scoops of their creamy Signature Ice Cream.


Neighborhood: Design District
Address: 3900 NE 2nd Ave
Cuisine: Korean, steakhouse
Miami Spice availability: Lunch Monday to Friday
Book your table: HERE
View menu: HERE

Are you on the hunt for a sleek, sexy, and elevated steakhouse experience? Look no further than Cote, the Miami outpost of the Michelin-starred and James Beard Award-nominated Korean steakhouse! Their Miami Spice Lunch Menu is also great for impressing clients.

Start with the Waldorf Salad, a colorful mix of radicchio, celery, Asian pear, kabocha squash, and candied hazelnuts drizzled with honey dwenjang dressing. Or, if you’re in the mood for something with a little more seafood flair, try the Tuna Tartare served with pickled moo and crispy gim chips. For your main course, go all in with the Optimus Prime, an 8oz USDA Prime Rib cooked and sliced to perfection, resting between two slices of Sullivan Street Bakery Ciabatta with horseradish cream and cote galbicue™️ sauce. Or, if you’re feeling frisky, try the Limited Edition Fried Chicken, featuring both white and dark meat brined overnight and fried crispy. It’s served with pickled daikon and sweet and tangy dipping sauce. Finally, round out your meal with their Vanilla Soft Serve, drizzled with an unexpected soy sauce caramel sauce.


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Neighborhood: Wynwood
Address: 347 NW 24th St
Cuisine: Aegean, Turkish, Mediterranean
Miami Spice availability: Lunch everyday
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View menu: HERE

If the idea of, “food is better when enjoyed together,” speaks to you, then you’re going to want to stop by Doya. Located in Wynwood, this modern Aegean meze-bar concept is serving flavors from the coast of Turkey. We are talking dips, local produce, refreshing and light plates, meant for sharing. Go to Doya for Miami Spice lunch with a big group. They can handle large parties and big Latin families.

Oh and FYI, the Miami Spice lunch menu at Doya is not just a meal, it’s an experience meant for at least two guests.

Let’s start with the appetizers: Piyaz – a blend of white beans, red onion, sumac, and eggs. Or, if you’re in the mood for a veggie adventure, the Shaved Zucchini, with garlic, green peppers, and a drizzle of EVO. As well as the Haydari – garlic yogurt, burnt butter, and a sprinkle of mint.

For the main event, get ready to meet the stars: Kofte, those grilled Turkish meatballs that are like flavorful fireworks, and Chicken Thighs – juicy, succulent, and kissed with onion and sumac. Dessert time means Pistachio Baklava, layers of flaky pastry, and pistachio goodness.


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Neighborhood: Design District
Address: 130 NE 40th St
Cuisine: Contemporary American
Miami Spice availability: Lunch Monday to Friday; dinner everyday
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View menu: HERE

Michael’s Genuine is a culinary haven that gets flavor and has an amazing ambiance. We’d stop by with friends or for a cute lunch date.

Dive into the Tuna Croquettes – crispy bites paired with Meyer lemon aioli and a chili jam. Or, if you’re craving a blend of sweet and savory, the Wood Roasted Bacon Wrapped Peaches with arugula, pesto, and pistachios.

Now, onto the entrées that’ll have you doing a hungry happy dance. The Slow Roasted Pork Panini, features pit-smoked ham, cave-aged gruyère, house pickle Dijon, and a mojo verde. Or if you want seafood go for the Wood Oven Baked Cobia, green curry broth, rock shrimp, and sourdough crostini.

For dessert, say hello to Sticky Toffee Pudding – a warm, comforting treat crowned with ginger ice cream and a bourbon caramel sauce that’s pure indulgence. The Croissant Pudding is also on the menu. It comes with white chocolate, banana, and sea salt caramel for a blend of sweet and salty.


Neighborhood: Bal Harbour
Address: 9700 Collins Ave Suite 101
Cuisine: Mediterranean 
Miami Spice availability: Lunch Monday to Friday; dinner everyday; weekend brunch
Book your table: HERE
View menu: HERE

If you’re on the hunt for lunch that’s light and refreshing, then stop by Aba at Bal Harbor Shops. Get ready to dive into Chef CJ Jacobson’s menu, where the flavors of Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece unite. Aba is the perfect appetizer for your shopping spree.

Prepare your palate for a showdown and choose between the Smoky Garlic Hummus – a creamy concoction of ceci beans, Aleppo & surfa pepper, and a zesty twist of preserved lemon. Or the Charred Eggplant Spread, a blend of house yogurt, lemon, and California olive oil.

For entrées, choose between the House-Made Stracciatella that’ll melt in your mouth with marinated tomato and sesame vibes, or the Little Gem Salad that’s practically a farm-fresh explosion of charred Mandarin orange, crunchy radish, and that berbere ranch. Plus, there are two add-on options available, for $4.95 more you can choose between a Chicken Kebab or Ora King Salmon Kebab.

For those who adore decadence, the Sticky Date Cake reigns supreme, dripping with whiskey caramel, a sprinkle of sumac, and whipped cream. Or the Frozen Greek Yogurt, draped in olive oil, and sprinkled with sea salt.


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Neighborhood: Coral Gables
Address1500 San Ignacio Ave
Cuisine: Italian, pasta
Miami Spice availability: Lunch Tuesday to Friday; dinner Sunday to Thursday; Sunday brunch
Book your table: HERE
View menu: HERE

Fiola is like that awesome friend who knows how to throw a fancy dinner party. Their Miami Spice Lunch Menu is inspired by Italy’s greatest hits. Each dish is like a love letter to Italy, penned with fresh, local ingredients and seasoned with a dash of nostalgia and surprise.

For appetizers, the Local Zucchini Carpaccio is an artful arrangement of paper-thin zucchini slices, drizzled with Agrumato Oil, a touch of basil, and ricotta crème fraiche that’s smoother than Sinatra. Or, the Cobia Ceviche with leche de tigre, habanero, and crispy chickpea. For entrées, you can’t miss the Whole Wheat Rigatoni Bolognese, which is like a hug from your Italian Nonna topped with Parmigiano Reggiano.

End your meal on a sweet note with the Coconut Panna Cotta: a tropical serenade of lime zing and toasted coconut crunch. And if you’re up for something that’s ice-cold, get the Coppetta of Sorbetto & Gelato.


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Neighborhood: Coconut Grove
Address: 3480 Main Hwy
Cuisine: Modern Lebanese
Miami Spice availability: Lunch  Monday to Friday
Book your table: HERE
View menu: HERE

Amal exudes elegance in the most Miami way. This lively restaurant located in Coconut Grove is serving modern Lebanese flavors and you’re bound to run into all the ladies who lunch here.

Kickstart your meal with the Tabbouleh, a refreshing mixture of chopped parsley, mint, tomatoes, onions, and a zesty olive oil lemon emulsion. If you’re in the mood for something a little more indulgent, the Fried Kibbeh. That’s Seasoned beef, bulgur, and pine nuts served alongside a refreshing cucumber yogurt.

Now, onto the main course! The Kefta, is a blend of minced beef and lamb, complemented by parsley and onions, served with rice or fries. For a flavor-packed alternative, dive into the Chicken Shawarma. Wrapped in lavash and accompanied by toum garlic sauce, tomato, pepper, and house fries.

Save room for dessert because Amal has some sweet surprises in store. The Rice Pudding, is adorned with walnut, cinnamon, rose water, and pistachio or opt for the Mistkeh Ice Cream, a whimsical creation featuring Lebanese cotton candy and pistachio.


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Neighborhood: South Beach
Address: 11 Washington Ave
American, seafood
Miami Spice availability: Lunch Friday to Sunday; dinner Wednesday to Sunday
Book your table: HERE
View menu: HERE

The iconic Joe’s Stone Crab is officially participating in Miami Spice for the first time. Located on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach, this renowned restaurant is where you’re going to want to take your dad out for his birthday during Miami Spice. Or, if it’s Friday and you just want to have yourself a little treat, this is where we would go.

Start your lunch with their signature Stone Crab Bisque, a creamy and flavorful soup featuring succulent stone crab meat, or their New England Clam Chowder is a must-try, boasting a rich and comforting combination of clams, potatoes, and savory bacon.

When it comes to the main course, prepare to be delighted by their Fried 1/2 Chicken. Made with tender and juicy free-range chicken, it is cooked to perfection and served with your choice of sides. We’d go with the garlicky spinach or the hash brown. If you like a thick patty, order the Classic Burger. It’s juicy, and packed with flavor.

Lastly, the choice is yours Hungries, succumb to the classic Key Lime Pie or, maybe you want something warm and comforting. In that case, the Bread Pudding is your go-to winner.

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