The best boat day food from Miami restaurants

Charcuterie boards, sandwich platters, and more for your boat party


Keep this guide handy when looking for the best boat day food from Miami restaurants. 

In Miami, going on a boat is not about the wind in your hair and the waves beneath your feet. It’s about heavy drinking (sometimes), dancing (probably reggaeton), taking in the views, and of course, having enough food for a full day out in the sun.

Whether you live in Miami or you’re here for a quick visit, chances are someone will invite you on a boat. If not then maybe you should rethink your friend group. Anyways, you want to be that person who brings the best food so that you get invited again and again.

We’ve put together a starter pack for the best boat day food from Miami restaurants. This is a curated list of culinary gems that will elevate your on-water experience to new heights. From charcuterie masterpieces and mouth-watering deli sandwiches to fresh sushi platters and succulent oysters, we’ve got you covered.


Neighborhood: Key Biscayne | Downtown
Address: 180 Crandon Blvd #111 | 230 NE 4th St
Good for: Empanadas 
Order HERE 

Have you checked out The Empanadas yet? It’s this awesome little shop in a strip mall that brought a slice of Argentina to Key Biscayne. They’ve got over 25 kinds of baked empanadas, making this pit stop an easy and great idea for a boat day. They’ve got something for everyone with vegan empanadas, as well as dessert empanadas. Our go-to picks are the Sweet CornBeefHam and Cheese, and 4 Cheese. We’d also go for a box of those thinly sliced Miga sandwiches; ham and cheese is the winner. 


Neighborhood: South Beach
Address: 11 Washington Avenue
Good for: Stone crabs, lobster rolls 
Order HERE 
for pick-up or HERE for delivery

Joe’s Stone Crab has been around since 1913. That’s 100 years of stone crabs and the most glorious fried chicken. If you’re looking for a classic and snazzy boat day in Miami, we’d curate a menu from Joe’s Take Away. The food is the same quality as their high-end restaurant. We always go for the select-size stone crabs. Make sure to dip them into the mustard sauce. You also can’t miss Joe’s fried 1/2 chicken, the lobster roll, and the ice-cold slice of Key lime pie. 


Neighborhood: Multiple locations
Good for: Croqueta platters 
Order HERE

Dos Croquetas, is the go-to spot for getting yourself unique croquetas in Miami. Dos Croquetas gets a typical Miami boat day with their Party Size Croquetas Platter. Whether you’re setting sail with a small crew or throwing a big bash, you can choose from 25, 50, or 100 croquetas. Opt for the classic ham for a taste of tradition, or spice things up with the Medianoche variety. Feeling like you want to step out of the norm on flavor, go for the creamy spinach croquetas and buffalo crack chicken croquetas. Trust us, these croquetas are the real deal – crispy on the outside, soft and flavorful on the inside. 


Neighborhood: Coconut Grove
Address: 2400 SW 27th St
Good for: Dips, stuffed grape leaves, and kibbeh
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Picture this: cruising along the Miami skyline with the sun kissing your skin, a cooler filled with ice-cold drinks, and a spread of Mediterranean delights from Daily Bread Marketplace. On board, you’re serving up the Kibbeh, (which we like to call the meatball’s suave cousin) crispy bulgur wheat shells filled with spiced ground beef. An array of dips because obvio who doesn’t love a good dip moment. We recommend the creamy hummus and Tzatziki alongside their popular grape leaves that are stuffed with seasoned rice and herbs.


Neighborhood: MiMo | Coconut Grove
Address: 6910 Biscayne Blvd | 3015 Grand Ave #122
Good for: Bagel spreads with cream cheese, lox and whitefish salad
Order HERE (pre-order is only available at their MiMo location)

For those of you going on an early morning water trip, it’s time to load up the boat with a bagel spread from El Bagel. We’re getting the Bagel Setup 2, which caters to a boat crew of 8-10 people. This setup includes a mix of a dozen mouthwatering bagels, plain and scallion cream cheese that’ll turn you into an EL Bagel regular after that first smear and an assorted vegetable tray adding a fresh crunch to your bites. But wait, the star of the show is the 1lb locally-smoked sliced lox. 


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Neighborhood: Key Biscayne
Address: 19 Harbor Drive
Good for: Charcuterie boxes and sandwiches 
Order HERE or email them for special orders HERE

A boat day brought to you by our favorite bakery in town is always a good idea. We’d stop by Flour and Weirdoughs, if you have a manageable group of guests where everyone can custom order their sandwich on a baguette, country sourdough, or seeded sourdough. Our favorites include the simple Caprese; the Smoked Brisket with chipotle aioli, caramelized onions, charred peppers, and gruyere; and the new Pork Banh Mi with lemongrass grilled pork, pickled veggies, herb salad, and spicy mayo. Oh and if you’re building your sandwiches on the boat, pick up their Cacio e Pepe sourdough (available on Saturday and Sunday) and ask for it sliced. 

If it’s a big boat party, grab boxes of pastries. Make sure to include the ABC croissant; filled with almond butter, banana, and chocolate; the Brisket B*tch!, a croissant filled with cured & smoked brisket, provolone, and mustard; and the Pastelito, filled with guava & cheese. We also love their Charcuterie Box that comes with mozzarella, prosciutto, mortadella, eggplant escabeche, olives, and sliced sourdough baguette. Make sure to special order this one HERE. The bakery is open Tuesday – Sunday 8 AM – 4 PM.


Neighborhood: Coral Gables
Address: 1390 S Dixie Hwy #2122
Good for: Italian subs 
Order HERE 
for pick-up

When it comes to mouthwatering deli sandwiches for your boat day, Jholano’s Deli is the go-to spot. With a range of options, Jholano’s sandwiches are filled with flavors and textures that will leave you craving more. Whether you’re in the mood for the hearty and savory 3AM in Rome sandwich, the classic and satisfying II Traditional, or the bold and flavorful Cagna Di Base, Jholano’s has something for everyone.

For larger orders of 12 sandwiches or more, simply place your order with a 48-hour notice, and for smaller orders, a one-day notice is all you need. You can pick up your sandwiches in person or even have them conveniently delivered to your location with just a quick call ahead. Click HERE to place your order.


Address: Multiple locations
Good for: Sushi party platters 
by calling your closest location, same day pick-up available for up to 4 platters

Looking for sushi rolls? Order from Pubbelly Sushi. With their convenient same-day pick-up option for up to 4 platters, satisfying your sushi cravings has never been easier. Simply visit the Pubbelly website and click on the “Party Platter Menu” to place your order.

We highly recommend the Butter Krab platter ($140), a true indulgence for those that know, know… Alternatively, you can fulfill your Pubbelly dreams with their Bucket List platter ($155), featuring an enticing selection of sushi like their rock shrimp tempura roll and wagyu beef tartare roll.


Neighborhood: South Miami
Address: 4631 SW 75th Ave
Good for: Oysters 

The Lazy Oyster has a wide selection of freshly shucked oysters, they are your one-stop destination for a truly memorable aquatic experience. Whether you prefer to build your own oyster tray, with each oyster expertly shucked and ready to enjoy, or if you’re up for some hands-on shucking, you can order 50 ($125) or 100 ($225) unshucked oysters from the East Coast or West Coast. Ordering is a breeze with their convenient online platform, giving you the flexibility to customize your order to perfection.

To enhance your oyster experience, don’t forget to add a side of horseradish, cocktail sauce, red chili, or shallots to dress your oysters just the way you like them. You have the option to have your oysters delivered straight to your boat or pick them up conveniently at the marina.


Neighborhood: MiMo
Address: 7301 Biscayne Blvd
Good for: Mezze platters, kebabs, and gyros 
Order HERE 

Mr. Mandolin has you covered with their delicious Mediterranean takeout options. Their large format and family-style packaging make it easy to bring their dishes on board. One standout choice is “The Feast,” ($78) a generous spread that feeds 4-6 people and includes a variety of dips, shaved meats, salad, rice, vegetables, and desserts. If you’re looking for something more individual, Mr. Mandolin offers a wide selection of kebabs, catering to both meat lovers and those seeking vegan or vegetarian options. They also offer gyros and shaved meat sandwiches. To make it even more convenient, you can order online for same-day pickup.


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Neighborhood: Coral Gables
Address: 2030 Douglas Rd STE 102
Good for: Charcuterie and cheese platters 
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Everyone loves a charcuterie board so make sure to get one from Overwood Artisan Platters. Their same-day in-store menu presents a tempting array of thoughtfully crafted options that are perfect for enjoying onboard. Treat yourself to the classic Cheese platter ($43.50), showcasing artisanal cheeses, accompanied by olives, almonds, crackers, and a luscious fig spread. Alternatively, savor their Deli Platter ($35.50), a combination of succulent peppered salami, saucisson sec, coppa, and delicate prosciutto, accompanied by plump grapes and a basil pesto. You can visit their store or order online.


Good for: Sandwiches and chicken tenders 
Order HERE 
48 hours in advance

If you’re looking for a true Miami experience on a boat, Publix has got you covered. Their deli platters offer a range of options. For a crowd-pleasing choice, the Chicken Tender Box ($60) is a must-have, featuring crispy and flavorful chicken tenders. Miami has an obsession with these so if you’re new in town don’t skip them. If you’re in the mood for a taste of Miami’s iconic flavors, the Cubanito Platter ($40) is a fantastic choice, with its assortment of mini Cuban sandwiches packed with savory ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, and pickles. And for an easy-to-eat option, the Pinwheel Platter ($70) offers a variety of bite-sized pinwheel sandwiches filled with delicious ingredients like turkey, roast beef, and cheese. Whether you prefer to order in advance (note a 24-48 hour advance notice) or walk into the deli location and find ready-made platters.


Address: Multiple locations
Good for: Healthy, family style sandwich and salad platters
Order HERE
24 hours in advance

When it comes to catering for your boat day, Pura Vida offers a diverse and extensive menu. From sandwich platters to family-style salads, bowl bundles, bakery treats, and wellness shot assortments, Pura Vida offers a range of options to suit every taste. Standout choices include the Perfect Egg Sandwich Platter ($115), the Breakfast Protein platter ($75) featuring smoked salmon and sliced tomato, and the Assorted Wraps platter ($120) with options like Pesto Tuna and Sobe Salmon. Don’t miss their Tuna Sprout Sandwich, made with mustard aioli, and served with vegan gluten-free green tahini. For those craving something savory, the Empanada Assortment ($95) offers chicken, beef, or spinach and cheese options. To ensure a smooth experience, catering orders can be conveniently placed 24 hours in advance online or through the Pura Vida app.


Neighborhood: South Miami
Address: 7382 SW 56th Ave
Order HERE or call +1 786-268-8350, 36 hours in advance

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a platter to share or individual portions, Whisk Gourmet has a variety of options to satisfy your cravings. Indulge in the Avocado Salsa ($17) with seasoned house corn tortilla chips or tantalize your taste buds with the Whisk Parmesan Chips ($6), available with truffle oil or buttermilk dressing for dipping. For a refreshing and healthy choice, the Crudite Platter offers a selection of fresh organic raw vegetables paired with herb buttermilk, blue cheese dressing, or cilantro vinaigrette. If you’re in the mood for some bites, the Grilled Chicken Satay ($72), Skirt Steak Satay ($78), or Grilled Shrimp ($90). To complement your meal, Whisk Gourmet provides a selection of beer, wine, and spirits, including their popular White Lychee or Red Sangria Jars ($35), Craft Beer Six Packs ($25), and Margarita Jars ($40/$60). Whether you choose to pick up your order at the restaurant or have it delivered to your home or marina, Whisk Gourmet ensures that your boat day experience is filled with delicious flavors and satisfying dishes. To place an order, simply email or call the restaurant directly at 786-268-8350. Make sure to provide at least 36 hours notice to ensure availability.


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Neighborhood: Coral Gables
Address: 1315 Ponce de Leon
Good for: Croquetas 
Order HERE 

Add a delicious touch to your ultimate Miami boat day experience with Tinta Y Cafe’s Croqueta platter. Choose Jamon, Bacalao, or Spinach croquetas. The minimum order is 20 croquetas, and the price varies based on the assortment and quantity you choose. To ensure availability, please call in advance to place your order, allowing for 24 hours notice. Same-day orders can also be accommodated. Treat yourself and your guests to our our favorite croquetas from Tinta Y Cafe and savor the flavors as you cruise along the water.


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The best boat day food from Miami restaurants