The Best Casual Sushi Restaurants in Miami

Our favorite spots for sashimi, nigiris, hand rolls, and makis


Keep this guide handy when looking for the best casual sushi  restaurants in Miami. 

One of us really loves sushi and has been on a mission to try every Omakase experience that pops up in Miami. However, in this search, we realized we don’t always want to dress up and drop $500 per person.

This list covers the spots where you can get quality sashimi, nigiris, and hand rolls without breaking the bank. What did we consider when choosing these restaurants? Quality, consistency, a reasonable price-to-value ratio, and that you can show up in sweatpants (if you want to).

You don’t have to make a whole big fuss when going out to these sushi spots. You’ll leave here feeling satisfied and not annihilated by the bill.


Neighborhood: Little River
Address: 851 NE 79th St

You’ve heard of the phrase “like a kid in a candy store,” right? Well, this is how we feel when dining at Wabi Sabi. It’s a sushi wonderland where you can pick, choose, mix, and match all the Japanese flavors and textures.

This light wooden space with an origami wall is your friendly (yet elevated) neighborhood spot offering elegant and simple pieces of sushi made with seasonal fish and hard-to-find ingredients. The menu is pretty straightforward featuring sushi platters, makis, sashimi, nigiri, temaki, and donburi bowls. But the endless options of sushi and hand rolls are what makes us so so so happy (and yet, a little torn at the same time as it can get hard to decide because everything is so good).

From the moment you step in you’ll feel a sense of coziness. This place is special. Embrace this warm-hearted feeling, let the team take care of you, and prepare for a well-deserved sushi feast.

This is your game plan at Wabi Sabi. Start with the Nigiri Omakase which includes 12 pieces and 1 maki for $100. Share it with one other person (ask them to give you the six best pieces of the day). From the maki section, you’re getting the Negihama with hamachi, scallions, and wasabi, the Eel Cucumber and Avocado maki, or the California maki made with wild blue crab (a simple game changer). Finally, end the meal with a couple of hand rolls. A little pro tip, you can elevate your hand rolls by adding “fun ingredients”, just ask Bruno for help and get as creative as you want! We love the Sake hand roll (torched) with added Ikura, the smoky and warm Atlantic salmon is balanced with the cool and salty salmon roe. The runner-ups are the Botan Ebi (sweet shrimp) hand roll and the Hamachi hand roll (add mushrooms to this one, trust us).

Oh and if you’re really hungry and craving algo bien caserito, order the Soba noodles with Ikura and nori. It’s a silent menu dish, they’ll be shocked you even know about this (IYKYK).


Neighborhood: North Miami Beach
Address: 920 71st St

Katana is an actual conveyor belt sushi joint, but also one of Miami’s hidden gems. Don’t be alarmed by its dark and rundown aesthetic, as you’ll find they serve fresh quality sushi for a very reasonable price.

Here’s our insider scoop: if you don’t want to wait, make sure to arrive at 5:40 to score the first seating (if you make it a little later you might wait a good 30 minutes as rotation starts), but if you’re not in any rush you can show up at any time, put down your name and number and they’ll call you once your ticket is up (expect a 45 min – 1 hr wait, so plan to have something to do to make time). Pro tip: if you go on a rainy day, chances are the wait time will be much shorter. Just make sure to have an umbrella in your car.

You’re coming here with one other person, no more, as the place is cramped. Whenever they seat a new party or the waiter/waitress needs to pass by, you’ll need to shift back and forth to make space.

You can always grab from the conveyor belt (what you see most is probably the freshest fish of the day), but we also like to order directly from the sushi chef. Our go-to’s? Start stacking those plates with the Tuna Tataki (which reminds us of a vitello tonnato, oooh that sauceeee), Hamachi nigiri, Hotate nigiri, Spicy Tuna roll, Eel and Avocado roll, Ikura sushi, and Uni sushi (if you’re feeling a little extra). End your meal on a sweeter note (without actually ordering dessert) with the warm Eel nigiri and the Tamago nigiri which is served nice and cold.

Once you’re done, the sushi chef will take your very high stack, do some math, and hand you the check. Easy peasy.


Neighborhood: Coral Gables
Address: 5759 Bird Rd

Matsuri, located inside a casual strip mall off of Bird Road offers top-quality sushi at a reasonable price time after time. And we’ll never not love it.

This unpretentious, neighborhood spot has an extensive menu of soups, sushi, sashimi, rolls, and Matsuri’s New World (modern dishes with Japanese ingredients). We like to order by the piece. Anything from Salmon Belly to Amaebi nigiri. And lately, we’ve been really into ordering a bunch of makis to share.

If you don’t really know what you want, we suggest getting a sushi and sashimi platter like the Masa Special for three. It comes with 24 pieces of sashimi, sliced shellfish, 15 pieces of sushi, and two fish rolls. Make sure to order the sashimi thinly sliced. For a more premium boat platter, we’d go for the Go-To-Ren Special. Count on 28 pieces of sashimi, sliced shellfish, 22 pieces of sushi, and three fish rolls. End the night with an Ikura hand roll with a quail egg. It’s better than dessert.

Matsuri is one of those local gems that gets packed. If you arrive at 5:20 you will get into the first seating once they open at 5:30 PM. Make sure you know your order by the time you sit down. If you’re not feeling patient or in the mood to deal with the crowd waiting outside for a table, you can now schedule your pickup order HERE and indulge from the comfort of your couch.


Neighborhood: Coconut Grove | Wynwood
Address: 3304 Mary St | 2107 NW 2nd Ave

Omakai is your easy, cool neighborhood sushi spot with locations in both Coconut Grove and Wynwood. You’re going to Omakai with a group of friends, on a date, or even by yourself (yes, we’re very into solo dates lately) for some quality sushi at a reasonable price.

The menu at Omakai showcases a mix of traditional and modern Japanese dishes. They offer five omakase options and an à la carte menuThis is how we’d go about it: order their OMA Deluxe, it comes with an appetizer, a sashimi special, a generous assortment of seasonal nigiris, and 2 hand rolls, the Negi-Toro and the Blue Crab. If you’re still a little hungry, go ahead and order a few extra nigiris! Our favorites? IkuraO-Toro, Uni, and Caviar (a must), and Unagi Foie Gras, if you’re not a dessert person then this last one is the great way to end your meal, it’s sweet, warm, and delicious.

If you’re into late lunches (or even an afternoon sushi pick-me-up), Omakai has a great Happy Hour, Monday through Friday from 3 PM to 6:30 PM. Yes, they have $3 beer, $5 wine, and $7 sake buuuuut, what you’re going for is the $6 nigiris (2 pieces per order) and hand rolls. We recently stopped by and simply got one of each for the table! From the nigiri section don’t skip the Kanpachi, the Salmon Duo, and (again) the Unagi Foie Gras. As for the hand rolls, we always get the Negi-Toro and the Maine Lobster.


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Neighborhood: Little Havana
Address: 1527 SW 8th St

Right in the middle of the hustling and bustling Calle Ocho, you’ll find Ahi Sushi Bar, Miami’s smallest, yet very authentic sushi spot. We had our sights set on this place for a while, and have to admit, we were pleasantly surprised. With only six spots available, you’re coming here for an intimate, peaceful, very quiet, casual dinner. We suggest you book your spot on a weekday either for the 6 PM or 7:30 PM seating. Pro tip: add a note on your reservation that you would like your party to be served alone, this way you’ll fully enjoy this spot’s peace and quiet (yes, you’ll even be able to hear the AC, but it’s part of the charm).

They offer a 14-course omakase option for $130 per person, or you can order from their à la carte menu. Our suggestion? Go for the omakase, relax, and let Chef Brian take you on a delicious trip to Japan.

If you’re one of those people that appreciates a sushi-centric meal (mostly nigiris and hand rolls), then this one’s definitely for you. Every bite is light and simple, yet fresh and delicious. Here, they focus on locally available fish, making sure to provide the best quality possible; “if you can’t do it right, then don’t do it at all”, is what they say. Our favorite nigiris were the Shima-AjiKinmedai, torched ToroUni, and Negitoro. We also enjoyed the very delicate yet flavorful Scallop and Uni hand roll.


Neighborhood: Design District
Address: 140 NE 39th St #241

At the MIA Market food hall, Chef Yasu Tanaka serves authentic nigiri-focused sushi with Japanese hospitality. Partnering with his lovely wife Michelle, they bring the culture and charisma of Japan right to your feet. In paying homage to his family business the name Masumura was only fitting to carry on the legacy right here in his new home of Miami.

Chef Yasu makes two types of sushi rice fresh every two hours and sources the best quality fish and dinnerware directly from Japan. The menu features signature nigiri, nigiri à la carte, and hand rolls. The 10-piece Nigiri Omakase will fulfill the classic vibes, but for a little extra, throw in some additional O-toro Aburi nigiri as well as their Uni and Wagyu hand roll. Because when we say these are drool-worthy add-ons, we mean it.

Stop by Sushi Yasu Tanaka for an informal nigiri experience with indoor and outdoor seating available. It’s great for dining solo or when you want sushi but your friend wants something else.


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Neighborhood: Coconut Grove
Address: 3444 Main Hwy

Midorie, a Japanese restaurant in Coconut Grove from the creators of Wabi Sabi, Hiyakawa and Ogawa is now open from Wednesday – Sunday for lunch and dinner from 12 PM – 9 PM. The all-day menu includes fast-casual donburi (Japanese bowls), omakase platters, and sushi à la carte.

Think seasonal seafood that is flown in from Tokyo’s famed Toyosu fish market four times a week. Sushi will include Golden Japanese Sea Bream, Fluke, Otoro, and hard-to-find offerings. Make sure to ask if there are any fish specials of the day. Our favorite nigiri when we stopped by was the Kinmedai, which was an off-menu fish.

Come with one other person that you want to catch up with or by yourself for a solo dinner. If you want to make it a group outing then we recommend a table for 4 in their small outdoor seating area. It’s also a great spot for takeout.

We would stop by for a quick lunch and get a Miso Soup, which is slow-cooked for 12 hours, and a Midorie Donburi that comes with salmon, tuna, blue crab, and shiitake mushrooms. As for a base, we’d go with the cha soba noodles flavored with green tea and made with buckwheat flour. Make sure to pour the spicy miso and sesame ginger sauces into your donuburi.

If it’s dinner you’re looking for, get their Omakase Platter that comes with 12 pieces and one maki roll. This isn’t an omakase experience where each piece is served at once. This is an informal dinner with amazing quality sushi where all nigiris are presented at once.

No reservations are accepted but you can call 30 minutes before you want to come in and ask how the wait is looking.


Neighborhood: Edgewater
Address: 2304 NE 2nd Ave

Miami’s sushi world has been expanding, and we’re not complaining. Chef Tomo’s Aoko in Edgewater is the newest spot you can’t miss (just make sure to look closely, when we went they didn’t have any signage up front!)

All dishes in the à la carte menu have been carefully thought out to showcase the freshness and full flavor of the fish. Temakis we love include the Hokkaido Uni, the Shima Aji Chimichurri for a Latin twist, and the Ikura. For Makis (rolls) the Spicy Tuna, the Negihama, and the Rainbow roll are musts.

Feeling indecisive? We get it. The omakase sets allow you to have a little bit of everything for $75-$85. Sit back and let the chef pick for you!


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Neighborhood: North Bay Village
Address: 1700 John F Kennedy Causeway #100

Located in North Bay Village, Sushi Erika is worth the drive. It’s super casual and a great stop for lunch on a weekday or a late lunch on the weekend. If you’re looking for a place where you can dine solo and enjoy the background music, we’d go here. They play anything from Elton John, and Cat Stevens to Simon and Garfunkel.

We love that Sushi Erika you can have a full sushi roll experience or order by the piece at a good price for the quality you’re getting.

The Best Casual Sushi Restaurants in Miami