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Keep the best pizza guide in Miami handy when dining out. 

Pizza is a crowd-pleaser. Can you argue this? Try to debate us, just try. No, but seriously, when we think of something we can eat for all types of occasions, we think of pizza. It’s great to share with friends or family, it’s the best leftover meal for breakfast, it cures our hangover, it brings us comfort when we’re feeling down, and it’s the perfect choice for a casual date night.

Ultimately that doughy, sometimes crispy, cheesy goodness, brings us together. We don’t discriminate against different styles, shapes, or sizes because we’re all-in-all fans. The best pizza guide in Miami includes Neapolitan, Detroit-style, New York-style pizza, and everything else in between that’s worth your time and buck.


Neighborhood: Kendall
Address: 8860 SW 72nd Pl

Only about a year old, Vice City Pizza located inside of Abi Maria in Downtown Dadeland, is the latest pizza spot you need to add to your list. Chef Carlos Estarita is behind this Detroit style pizza concept that has been operating since 2021.

Of course, we’re fans of these square pies but what we especially love about Vice City is the airiness of each slice. The crust is the right consistency & density due to a fermentation process that last for more than two days.

The restaurant is super informal with indoor and outdoor seating. We recommend ordering the non-traditional Prosciutto Croquetas with prosciutto D.O.P, gorgonzola dolce, mozzarella, and fig jam as an appetizer. Followed by the Shroom pie with a sweet after taste, made with mushroom puree, oyster mushrooms, caramelized onion, parmesan, ricotta, and truffle honey. If your order is always pepperoni, get the Roni & Hot Honey with Ezzo pepperoni, Mike’s Hot Honey, served with a Calabrian ranch for dipping.


Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 1335 NE Miami Ct

Remember that New York-style pizza shop operating from a secret location in Midtown?! Well, they’ve found a permanent spot in Downtown near the Arsht Center and it’s one of the best, if not the best pizza experience you will have in Miami. Truly ahead of its time.

When you think of a slice shop, you may think of an NYC dollar slice shop (which has its purpose and of course no longer $1). However, you’ve never been to a slice shop, like Miami Slice.

There’s nothing informal about it or how you have to come dressed, yet at the same time, it’s elevated. The best seat is at the front bar where you can see all the pizzas being finished and topped with the highest quality ingredients.

Their operating hours are Thursday – Sunday from 5 PM – 9 PM with plans to stay open later. We recommend arriving at 4:45 to be the first one at the bar. Keep your party small, this will make the wait time less. They also have takeout available. You can order by the slice or a whole pie. Ask for the “kicks” which are “IYKYK” type of add-ons like stracciatella and other good stuff to pimp your slice. Our recommendations include La Salsera with a kick of stracciatella and the Leeks on Bacon. But they’re honestly all good and you’ve never had a simple Margherita, this good.


Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 99 NW 1st St

Not sure if loving Sundays is a sign of getting older but that’s where we currently are. Stop by Vietnamese spot Tam Tam on Sunday, for the return of one of our favorite thin-slice pizza pop-ups. 

Their tomato-based pizza is seasoned with pecorino romano cheese, oregano, whole milk mozzarella, and 24-month Parm. The pizza is real thin, with no flop, a delicious cheesy “costra” crust that extends to the edges of the round pie.

The menu is simple with pizza flavors. You can also build your own with toppings like hot honey, basil, white onion, banana peppers, black olives, pepperoni, and anchovy. Oh, and here is a special pie of the week that changes periodically. Like the meatball pie with seasoned tomatoes, oregano, whole milk mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, meatball, and Pecorino Romano, finished with Grana Padano, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh basil.

Order the vegan tahini Caesar salad and buffalo Tam wings tossed in a classic buffalo sauce topped with chives. 

Takeout is available from 2 PM to 4 PM only. If you’re looking to dine in that would be between 5 PM to 10 PM. For more info click HERE


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Neighborhood: Key Biscayne
Address: 19 Harbor Dr

Flour and Weirdoughs is a rustic bakery in Key Biscayne. It’s one of the only bakeries in Miami that mills its own flour in-house. All the bread is sourdough based and the pastries are divine and not overly sweet. They recently opened a wine bar called Next Door and luckily for you, it’s literally right next to the bakery. Currently, they’re open on Thursday-Saturday from 5 PM – 10 PM. The place is super informal and has amazing Argentinian-ish bites. Think Eggplant Escabeche, Fried Milanesa with french fries, and the best Choripan you will have in Miami. Of course, there’s pizza and well you can imagine how good their sourdough crust is. We love the Prosciutto with arugula and lots of parm sprinkled on top and our favorite is the Mortadella, Burrata, and homemade Pesto.


Neighborhood: Design District
Address: 3620 NE 2nd Ave

Greg Tetzner and his girlfriend, Jackie Richie, began selling sourdough pizzas in 2020 out of their home during the pandemic. After a few months of getting the word out on social media, everyone and their mothers wanted  Old Greg’s square pies. With limited pies being baked at their pop-up location in the Design District, scoring Old Greg’s was harder than securing Coachella tickets.  The pop-up was a wild success and luckily for us, they found a brick and mortar space in the former Ghee space.

Currently, they are offering pick up or you can grab your order and eat it at the restaurant’s indoor and outdoor tables. In a near future, they will have servers. In addition to square pies, they are also offering round 18-inch pies. Our favorites are the Shroomz pizza with mushroom crema, mozzarella, maitake + oyster shroomz, and wild ramp salsa verde; and the O.G. Roni with tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, and hot honey. It’s not only about pizza at Old Greg’s, they also have the most delicious Polenta-Crusted Chicken Wings served with pickled celery, and buffalo + blue cheese sauce. And for dessert, GR3G’S Leches a more savory than sweet take on a tres leches with an olive oil cake, stracciatella, Sicilian pistachio, and fennel pollen.


Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Address: 803 5th St

The South of Fifth neighborhood has a pizza spot by the name of Editor Pizza. Located in the Urbanica Fifth Hotel, this pizzeria feels very sleek-New York City. It has this incredible encapsulated bar with seating available on both sides, depending on if you want to sit indoors or outdoors. On the menu, you will find antipasti, pasta dishes, pizza, and refreshing cocktails.

We’re stopping by for the full bar experience and some pizza. The crust is airy yet crispy, and one of the best we’ve had in recent time. Order the simple Margherita, with mozzarella, mozzarella di bufala, tomato sauce, and fresh basil and the Funghi with mozzarella, mixed fresh mushrooms, spring onions. We’d also like to note that their Lasagna al Forno is one that made us feel cozy inside. It’s made with homemade spinach dough, bechamel, veal and
pork bolognese.


Neighborhood: North Miami
Address: 12831 W Dixie Hwy

Hello, intellectuals out there! We’ve found your dream bookstore and it comes with a natural wine bar, yummy baked goods, and rectangular pizza slices baked in-house. Located in North Miami, Paradis is a great spot to post up and work remotely, especially when you’re sick of seeing the same four walls of your apartment.

Stick around for dinner because every slice is worth it. Starting at 6 PM from Thursday – Monday, you can order a slice of the vegan Marinara+++ with tomato, marinated eggplant, confit garlic, and garlic breadcrumb; the Ppppp4u with pesto, potato, pickled pepper, and ricotta salata; the SPO with tomato, pork sausage, nduja, peppers, onions, and mozzarella; and the Cheeses with tomato, mozzarella, ricotta, pecorino, and garlic.

The names seem like inside jokes we’re not part of but we’re here for the depth of flavor, original combinations, and a sourdough texture that is totally unique. Not to mention the size is perfect so that you can have more than one. Keep an eye out for new flavors as they change often. 


Neighborhood: Overtown
Address: 1035 N Miami Ave

Branding? They’ve got it. A good Sicilian slice? That too. Ingredients from all over the world? Yup! This pizza shop is giving Miami its long-awaited New York slice, even offering pizza by the slice. With Carmine cheeseWild shroom, and hot honey slices, there’s something for everyone. Located in Downtown, Eleventh Street Pizza can be a casual outing on the way to the FTX arena or a cute date night with some wine and a shareable pie. You can take your pizza to go, order for delivery, or dine in. If you’re eating at Eleventh Street, we also recommend Chicken Parm alla Spicy Vodka made with sourdough breadcrumbs, a housemade spicy vodka sauce, and mozzarella, topped with Parmigiano and fresh basil (only available for dine-in).


Neighborhood: Miami Beach
Address: 1930 Bay Rd

The original and famed Lucali is located in Brooklyn, New York. And we’re okay with having the second one in the nation. You’re bringing your New York friends here when they’re missing home. They’ll go and say it’s not the same but trust us this is better than no Lucali. Remind them of the weather in New York right now and say, “Look around… you’re in Miami Beach.” Also, non-existent is that 2-hour line you have to make in Brooklyn. Just saying. The menu includes appetizers and salads that pair nicely with the main pizza event. We’d get an order of the Chicken Wings and the Kale Salad. As far as pizza toppings go, we love the beef pepperoni, Italian artichoke hearts with stems, and hot peppers. Also on our list is the delicious, creamy Calzone with Lucali’s signature tomato sauce.


Address: Various locations

If you like your pizza crispy and thin, then you have to try Mister01. It’s casual and a great spot to have pizza outdoors in CocoWalk. Our favorite is the Claudio. It comes with tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh burrata, truffle oil, basil, and stracciatella cheese. We also like the Fabio with tomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola bleu cheese, speck, and white truffle oil. They love to experiment with funky flavor combinations. For example, the Coffee Paolo comes with tomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola bleu cheese, honey, coffee, and spicy salami.


Neighborhood: Morningside
Address: 5600 Biscayne Blvd

Andiamo is a wood-fire oven pizzeria that is not only affordable but serves quality pies. Their iconic all-outdoor patio setup offers seating for parties of all sizes, nicely spread out. Pizza sizes include 10”, 14”, and 16”. If you want to do half and half, you’ll have to get large. The ambiance is casual and it’s the type of place you can come with friends, by yourself, with family and we think it would make for a great casual first date with someone that seems super chill and doesn’t care for Miami fuss. Our go-to is the Prosciutto with arugula, Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, basil, and olive oil.


Neighborhood: Design District
Address: 3918 N Miami Ave

Square Pie City created by Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog gave us life during the pandemic when they were popping up at Babe’s Meats & Counter. Now they have found a permanent location for their Detroit Style Pizza in the Design District.

Chef Jeremiah’s deep dish, square-shaped pies come with sauce over the cheese, a crispy crust, and cheese-infused dough. The menu includes white pies such as the Many Magical Mushrooms with cremini, porcini dust, mozzarella, asiago, and garlic. Red pies like the Red in the Head, and Fire in the Bed with spicy Calabrian chili, mozzarella, provolone, sauce, and more.


Neighborhood: Brickell
Address: 87 SW 8th St

This Neapolitan-style pizza by husband and wife duo, Franco and Ash Stanzione is located in Brickell. At Stanzione 87, they ferment the pizza dough for at least 72 hours. Pizzas cook in 90 seconds in a wood-burning handmade Stefano Ferrara oven. Go simple with the Margherita, which comes with homemade mozzarella, basil, Parmigiano, olive oil; and the Mais with cream, corn, homemade mozzarella, basil, parm, and olive oil.

This neighborhood spot has a great pizza, an awesome natural wine program, and delicious subs. Their subs are chunky, generously meaty (they do have vegetarian options) full of flavor, and come in a sesame hero, ciabatta, or wood-fired bread. We loved The Stanzione with prosciutto cotto, sopressata, homemade mozzarella, zesty sauce, Stanzione hot sauce, onion, tomato, lettuce, Stanzione dressing on a sesame hero. Our second favorite is The Morty with mortadella, provolone, pistachio pesto, banana peppers, a zesty house, arugula and ciabatta.


Neighborhood: Palmetto
Address: 17395 S Dixie Hwy

Don’t let the name confuse you, they actually sell pizza.  The name honors Todd Maxwell’s great-great-great grandfather’s clothing business’ rich history and consistency. Fast forward to now, Todd is paying homage to his family with the same idea of serving quality pizza. We’ve only been to Maxwell Bro’s once and it was for a special event however, we loved the vibe and can tell they know their pizza. This unpretentious pizza joint offers beer on tap, has bingo nights, and is definitely a spot to try when you find yourself in the Palmetto Bay area. Their style is Neopolitan so if you’re into that, we’d go for the Fungus Among Us with fontina, porcini mushrooms, caramelized onions, persillade (a parsley-garlic sauce) as well as the Meat Lover’s with house sauce, Babe’s Meat & Counter sausage, hickory-smoked ham, spicy calabrese, fontina, parmesan, and oregano.


Neighborhood: Key Biscayne
Address: 712 Crandon Blvd

This one is filled with nostalgia and has been around since 1969. We go here for the way it makes us feel. After a long week of work where you feel like a train ran over you, you just need Sir Pizza. The thin, squared, cheesy, and crispy pizza will take you back to when you were 15. You’re getting ranch dressing on the side, the Pepperoni pizza with cubed pepperoni, and a Crusader Blanket. If you know, you know. We also dabble with black olives on our pizza, don’t hate us.


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The best pizza guide in Miami
The best pizza guide in Miami
The best pizza guide in Miami