What to eat at Smorgasburg Miami

Thanks to our friends at DoorDash these are the must-try spots


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Thanks to our friends at DoorDash we know exactly what you’re eating (and drinking) at Smorgasburg, Brooklyn’s famed outdoor food market that has landed in Wynwood. With over 60 vendors from NYC, LA & of course MIAMI, we’d like to recommend you pace yourself!

The fun starts with music and drinks curated by Los Felix & Krus Kitchen (make sure to stop by their kick-ass pop-up with some delicious micheladas and biodynamic wines). Now that drinks are taken care of, we’ve put together a handy dandy guide for all of you first-timers making your way to Smorgasburg. We’ve gone not once, not twice, but more than 3 times and trust us when we say there is always something new to try and discover.

Stick to this guide and you can be the leader of your friends when it comes to where to eat on your day out on the town. Make sure you keep coming back to check out this guide, as we will continue to add more vendors to this ever-growing list!

And for those of you who want to avoid those long lines then order ahead on the DoorDash app! On the app, you can find some of your favorite vendors and hack the line for a quick and easy pick-up. Keep an eye on the DoorDash app as new vendors get added. 

For those of you braving the heat, make sure you dress nice and light (pero also check your weather app and pray for some clouds). Arrive on time at 11 AM, that way you have a chance to make your rounds and also snag a table. 

And now, here’s our guide for what to eat at Smorgasburg Miami.


Cuisine: Seafood

Founded by Christopher Tompkins in the heart of Malibu, this pop-up turned brick and mortar has gained nationwide recognition for its badass lobster roll and raw bar selections. Now making its mark here in Miami, they have embraced the local love and are using one of our local favs “Flour & Weirdoughs” with their bread on their popular lobster roll. Come feel like you are coasting on the PCH with a fresh and buttery lobster roll.


Cuisine: BBQ

If you want to be addicted to good BBQ, then stop by the Drinking Pig tent. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself trying to get some BBQ every weekend because it’s just that good. Whether you treat yourself to the brisket, the cornbread, or even the baked beans. The spice, the flavor, and the tenderness will leave you running back.


Cuisine: Arepas
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If you are looking for some handcrafted, soul-warming arepas then look no further. Chef Richard Ortega has the arepas on deck for all you hungries to try. With selections like chicken x avocadochorizo, and steak & chimi, you will end up ordering one of each! We highly recommend the steak & chimichurri, that arepa is finger-licking good


Cuisine: American

Alright for you plant-based lovers out there, this one is for you. With freshly made vegan brioche buns and a variety of burgers that will make you question whether you should just go plant-based for life. However, just in case, they also have the Wagyu burger with locally sourced full-blood wagyu beef patty, pickled tomato, and citrus aioli.


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Cuisine: Bakery
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If you have a sweet tooth, we got you covered. Coley’s Cravings was born as a result of a simple love for dessert, baking, and quarantine boredom. And now is shining as a new vendor in the Smorgasburg lineup! Now of course we would tell you to get a little bit of everything. But, the chocolate babka from Coley’s cravings is what we would like to call a true (chef’s kiss).


Cuisine: Vegan
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It seems vegan and plant-based is the trend and honestly, we are not complaining. Isabel’s vegan cuisine was one of our repeat spots on our trips to Smorgasburg and it’s because you would never believe how good vegan and plant-based could taste. The chicken oyster fried mushroom is the star, but don’t skip out on checking the whole menu. You will catch yourself becoming a regular here and we don’t think that’s a bad thing to flaunt around!


Cuisine: Japanese
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If you are a lover of a classic katsu sando then it is time to feast your eyes. Sando Kitchen is dishing out a solid menu of different sandos for all kinds of occasions. Whether you are in the mood for an egg salad sando or a tofu sando then consider yourself covered in the Sando department. But if you want the true star of the menu, just go ahead and get the chicken katsu sando. Just trust us, seriously.


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Cuisine: Alpine street food (French-Swiss)
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Time to get cheesy with this hot spot. Known for its hot and melted cheese on French baguettes, it’s the place to capture that foodporn snapshot. But, besides the aesthetics, it’s the ‘Le Savoyard sandwich’ that reigns in first. They say simple is better and that is no lie, a simple jambon sec on a toasted baguette with cornichons is exactly the definition of perfection.


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Cuisine: Cuban Asian

No this is not Pitbull’s food spot, but we know for sure he would back this baby up. From Chug’s Diner executive Chef Monika, we are getting the yakitori croquetas and the lechon roll. The lechon roll has the addicting little papitas that just scream nostalgia and the yakitori croquetas are an actual game changer. Truly name somewhere else rocking with this style of street food.


Cuisine: Mexican

A crowd favorite during SOBEWFF is now at Smorgasburg. Wolf of Tacos is where taco lover dreams are filled. Sitting on a vertical spit, the al pastor calls to you as it turns ever so slowly. If there is one thing you are going to try from Wolf of Tacos it’s the al pastor, we recommend getting one order of each taco, but make sure to treat yourself to the labor of love that is the al pastor.


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Cuisine: Seafood

Whether you like it raw or grilled, The Lazy Oyster makes sure to keep you cool with some fresh oysters shucked on site. With a new oyster selection every week, get a chance to try some new oysters on your plate. And if you are a chargrilled oyster fan, add a little bit of savory to your day and order yourself a dozen with either lemon garlic butter or chipotle butter.


Cuisine: Vietnamese
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From the mastermind behind “Tran An” in El Portal, Chef Jon Nguyen’s brings Vietnamese BBQ to Smorgasburg. With a variety of plates such as pork, chicken, brisket, or a bahn mi pork burger that will have you drooling on site. Any choice you make will be the right one, but if you want something to really quench your thirst, please run and get the lychee lemonade. This will be the one drink that you will keep coming back for more of under the Miami sun. And Chef Jon, when you read this please tell us the secret to that delicious lemonade.

What to eat at Smorgasburg Miami
What to eat at Smorgasburg Miami
What to eat at Smorgasburg Miami